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    Have you tried to see if your macBook will sleep. Since 10.7.2 on and now including Mountain Lion. SMC Fan Control 2.3 will not allow my mid 2011 iMac to sleep. Post your answer please.

  • Dennis_S Level 1 (5 points)

    i'm not convinced that SMC fan control is worth it. Sonce installing it I keep getting flagged to enter a password each time it wants to do something, thatvs poor software design.

    I'm holding out for a patch!

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    The reason I'm not using SMCFan Control anymore is because I run Handbrake a lot and need to ramp up my fans to keep my iMac cool, but when the Handbrake queue is done I want the iMac to go to sleep. SInce X.7.2 this hasn't been happening. Apple changed how SMC works. Any firmware update might do this. Apple doesn't go into details about this. And forget the Genius bar having any info on that. So I have been using  "iStat Menus" by Bjango. It does more than fan control, but that's all I use it for. and it allows the iMac to sleep. They just updated it for X.8 too. Although they charge $16 they do stay on top of it. I did write tech support a question, but they never replied back. I was just trying it in the demo mode... but still, they could of aknowledged my question. And it gets high user rating. For you, worth a look I'd say.

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    This is BS really, I cannot keep my laptop on my laptop without a freakin' towel underneath it.

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    This is BS really, I cannot keep my laptop on my laptop without a freakin' towel underneath it.


    It's probably not a silver bullet solution but you can try firing up and running the command "top -ocpu" (press 'q' to quit). When ran top it showed at 100% cpu and at 48% cpu. When I restarted both of these programs, the fans stopped running at full blast and my MBA cooled down a bit.

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    I had the same problem and called apple.  They made me check the activity monitor to find out if anything was taking more than 75% of CPU.  Then they made me follow a procedure to shut the laptop down, start it using Shift, Control and Option buttons and then do a reset using some other keys, that I don't remember now.  They said that this will solve the problem.  Everything looks OK right now.


    The best solution is call Technical Support at Apple.

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    I have an imac early 2011 i5 2,8Ghz 8GB Ram.

    Since I installed ML the fans have been working non stop, and the rear side of the screen at the top (where the mic is) it is really hot. 

    Also the machine now takes a lot longer to wake up from sleep.  And it feels as if Spotlight was indexing forever (slower than usual).  I checked and Spotlight is done.


    I join all dissappointed ones.  So far ML disadvantages > ML advantages.


    Plus if my imac fries up it will be the most expensive update ever.


    BTW is there a fan control software for imacs?



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    ya i am having the same problem, i have a mid-2011 13 inch macbook air with 256gb flask and i7. My laptop is gets hot even if I am just reading a article on the web. I am wondering if power nap has anything to do with it. I hope they fix this soon.

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    Last week I have updated to ML on my MBP Mid 2010 17" with new 512 OCZ Agility SSD. Since then it is over heating crazy even during simple internet browsing. I have closed everything except Google Chrome but temp are > 40C all time and I cant even put MBP on my lap at least for a minute. After installation immediately I have updated to 10.8.1 and run "repair disk permissions" cleaned all junk using clean my mac but no luck. Typically I shutdown every day and with in 1 minute of starting it back it is reaching to 40C. Not sure whats going wrong, Is it worth calling Apple support since I have apple care protection? Please help!

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    I am having this over heating issue since installing ML on both an i7 iMac w/ 32GB of RAM and my wife's almost band new MacBook Air


    Something is the matter with that OS build, I hope Apple fixes it


    Everything in the ecosystem used to work, my iMac has never crashed in 1.5 years, but since ML, it's happening anytime I use the computer for a prolonged period of time


    I'm surfing the web, BTW, not running any CPU intensive programs

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    hey everyone, i created something for this very issue... and just  launched it on Kickstarter. Please check it out if you want to stay  'Cool'.



    Lowers  BOTH internal and external temps... and it's tested and proven! contact  me through Kickstarter or if you have any questions.  Thanks and please pass the word!!!!

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