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  • pbardon98 Level 1 (0 points)

    Last patch did not fix the issue I have with my Imac.

    October the 23rd, I'll install W8 on a new dual boot!

    I get 2 MB pro, 3 iphones (3GS,4, 4S) with no WIFI issues while my Imac is no more able to access the web with this new OS!


    Obviously, APPLE does not care about this major issue!


    Enough is enough! Let's say I will create a dual boot using the new W8 on the 23rd of october! and bye bye APPLE!

    I'll do the same on the 2 others computers (MB pro) and will go to Samsung for my phones ASAP!


    Ostrich is a good strategy Mr Tim Cook!


    It's your choice!

  • 693standby Level 1 (0 points)

    I've already switched all my macs to w7 and have had no problems since sorry apple you lost this customer

  • Qmanut Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having this problem as well.  Disconnecting constantly, random in nature.

  • jooooooop Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here.

    New macbook pro 13 inch. No problems with wifi 10.8.1

    Updated to 10.8.2. wifi is connected but no internet

    When i turn wifi off and on it works for a couple of minutes.


    Is there a way to get back to 10.8.1 ?


    Please Apple fix the Wifi issue!

  • coordinated Level 1 (0 points)

    I had issues with both wired and wireless networking stopping altogether a short while after upgrading to ML.

    It was temperamental at first, and a reboot would clear it. Then it stopped working altogether.


    Turning off the firewall temporarily (in the Security & Privacy prefpane) resolved this, and networking has been working ever since (now with the firewall back on).  I'm guessing it was my ipfw rulebase blocking DHCP.


    (I appreciate that this may be unrelated to the wireless problems above, but am mentioning it just in case it’s helpful to anyone).

  • kx2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Started having wifi issues after an update last night.  Shades of Microsoft incompetence here.  I am wrining this on my Debian desktop, apple is going down the tubes with these poor qualty updates.  Have tried all the normal fixesI suppose I will have to wait for the next update to fix the last update which fixed the previous one bla bla bla.

  • roxan Level 1 (0 points)

    I had more or less stabilized the situation with ML WIFI issues by going to reduced MTU, changing from WEP128 to WPA2, moving to fixed IP instead of HCP and disabling power saving....



    Now it seams that he "supplementary ML update" that I applied yesterday evening has again broken everything. I am not at home but the kids are calling me as Internet is broken and can not be reestablish after the "usual for ML" reboot procedure that they got used to... :(

  • Benito.Villarreal Level 1 (0 points)

    I have WiFi problems in my MBP 2007 after installing 10.8.2. The internet connection usually lasts 2-5 minutes and then it crashes. I need to switch off the airport and then on again or to renew DCHP Lease from network preferences.


    Does anyone have a solution to this??!!!


    Please help!!!

  • Jarham Level 1 (0 points)

    It's an ongoing problem for me since I installed ML 2+ months ago. Still haven't found a solution. My router is still pretty new, and I've been through a couple Genius appointments, to reinstall ML and try to replicate issue. They couldn't, so as far as Apple is concerned, the problem doesn't exist, but sure, they'll offer to sell me a product to solve my problem. Why am I spending money to fix their broken OS, which I already paid for, and deeply regret?

    Genius thought maybe bringing in an Airport Express might help ML WiFi handshake with the network (which worked fine on SL).


    Plugged in Airport Express, and I get a message informing me of "unexpected error" occuring. The thing doesn't even work. Still resetting WiFi every three minutes.


    Right on, Apple. Right on.

  • chogokin666 Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont want to jinx the one relief of a chronic string of maladies that have occured since installing this OS. but I needed a new Router, the old was slooow b/g only and horrid range, switching to a new one has been the only remedy so far. Im still going to revert to the OS that came with the MBP as soon as I get the discs from Apple and get sufficient media to backup everything. We really should all be compensated by Apple for the time and aggro.                                                            

  • Jarham Level 1 (0 points)

    That's what I would do - I mean, I have the discs right here on the desk. But for me to use it and reinstall SL means reformatting the HD. Of course I have a backup, but not earlier than 10.8, so I won't be able to do a clean recover from my external drive.


    Can be done manually, of course, but two problems arise: it's a lot of work, guaranteed to be messy; and I'm not sure whether reformatting the drive will eliminate my Bootcamp partition. I don't have access to another "legit" Windoze software anymore and I will lose the ability to play the couple games I have it for.

  • chogokin666 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey you know what's another neat feature Mountain Lion has to offer? The WIFI will disconnect when the screen sleeps. So basically nullifying long downloads or Torrent transfers. So you have to keep waking the unit as Power saver no longer has the Network connections checkbox. Really top notch coding going on at Cupertino! I have NoSleep and it doesnt seem to be working properly now with this OS either. Really exsaperating.

  • Jarham Level 1 (0 points)

    I haven't investigated that ^ since installing ML, but I'm sure I disabled sleep while I was still running SL. I'll check it out.


    Breakthrough! I went into my router's wireless network settings and changed my security settings and encryption protocol from WPA2/AES to WPA/TKIA. I just watched the Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn vid with no net breakdown.


    Seems a little bit slower, but could be my imagination. This might have to do, until Apple patches ML or I find a way to downgrade to SL sans hassle.

  • Luke8400 Level 1 (0 points)

    I keep checking back for any new fixes or a word from Apple, but still nothing. Apple is asleep on this issue. What's it going to take? Apparently Facebook integration is more important than a crippling bug that breaks internet connectivity in their OS. I've been a Mac user since long before the iPhone era, and I have to agree that it seems they've gotten quite lazy in the past few years. Shameful that I'm resorting to Windows now since OS X can't perform a very basic and necessary function. I don't understand how there are so many users reporting this issue and Apple still acts like they've never heard of it.

  • Jarham Level 1 (0 points)

    Walked away from my Steam downloads for about an hour, with Energy Saver set to stay awake for network activity. Sure enough, my downloads had all stopped ten minutes after I left, and I had to restart Steam to get them going again. Guess I'll have to settle with never-sleep setting until someone at Apple fixes this.


    In the meantime, really enjoying my functional WiFi since adjusting network security. Doesn't absolve Apple by any means, but it'll do for now.

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