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  • quinnthx1138 Level 1 Level 1

    Im extremely frustrated that we all get comfortable with our settings and how we want to manage our computers, only to be treated like were children and apple decides to have a hissy fit with google now and we all have to change our ways. Frankly.... things have changed at apple. And im not the fan I used to be. Somehow we need a voice to these things. I own a restaurant and dont have the time to continually make adjustments to what I have in place, especially on the operating system that Im using to control 90% of what I do. I want google back in the mix. Simple. Enough with being patronized by a company that thinks they know it all.

  • gritzildino Level 1 Level 1

    semperlex wrote:


    ... highlight a word or topic, right click, and you choose "search in google" it open a new tab to search, which I like because a lot of times I wanted to keep the source page that I was looking at.  Safari never did this...

    just command-click "search on google" and it will

  • Sitswell Level 1 Level 1

    I thought maybe I was just doing something wrong in my settings, but now reading this forum I'm realizing that the missing Google search window is in fact a change in software! Am i understanding this correctly? I really miss that window; it was a really practical design feature!

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    I agree with the majority that hate this. I sent my vote to Apple Feedback to either give us a choice in preferences or just scrap this bad idea and switch back to the way it was. Their feedback page is probably our best hope.

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  • Joeyoey Level 1 Level 1

    Good news Burt, we knew this about 123 replies ago.  The point is we want the Google search in a SEPARATE box away from the address bar.

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    Hi Ellen:


    I couldn't get anything to download. What does the google search window look like and where does it appear?




  • pjmetz Level 1 Level 1

    I too added a request to return the separate Google search box to Safari 6. I have wasted so much time researching alternatives. I uninstalled the bbsoftware gtoolbar extension because it added an entire bar to the top of the window on which it displayed a lot of unnecessary icons. I don't use tabs for the same reason. They use up viewing space in the window.


    I was hoping for an app that would display a Google search box in a separate little window on the screen that we can use until Apple returns to its senses, if ever.



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    thank god for this discussion, i was going crazy trying to fix the toolbar!


    at least make the change optional....

    you make me update stuff ,and i generally regret it

    can i undo the update? anyone?

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    this is a extension that will add a google search bar
    not exaclty in the same place as the old one
    but this is probably the closest you're going to get to getting the search bar back
    I downloaded it, and it's better than nothing =/

  • xander777 Level 1 Level 1

    I was almost a "Mac" convert (raised as a PC guy) ... but APPLE has stumbled too many times lately. This latest stumble is trying to eliminate GOOGLE (the undisputed Heavy Weight Champ of SEARCH) ... trying to eliminate GOOGLE from Safari. What a HUGE MISTAKE!! I will find another search engine. And probably forget my "MAC" conversion. We miss YOU Steve Jobs !!!!!!!  

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    Late to the thread, but my interface gripe on this has to do with where one is looking!


    The old search box (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) was on the right-hand side of the screen-- right above where new tabs would be added.  That meant you could focus on one part of the screen.  Now, I have to shift my gaze back and forth.  No biggie at one level, an irritation at another.  I have no problem with changes in interface and design-- so long as they keep an option to restore the old interface for those who want it!


    Incidentally, I tried that Google search bar extension and all it seems to do is add yet another horizontal tab bar across the screen with the box way on the left-- even further over than Safari's!


    Aha!  Just thought of something... if they'd let us resize the search/URL box, and/or position it where we wanted it, all would be fine (or, at least, better!).   


    The only other solution I can think of is to put as many icons as possible on the left-hand side of the search box to move it over some. 


    Perhaps the solution is to permit us to have two instances of the search box...  that doesn't work!


    Anyone know of another extension that brings back the old search box?

  • Rethilgore Level 1 Level 1 fixed

  • Alex Zavatone Level 1 Level 1

    This has been my nightmare ever since Lion ruined or removed so many useful features in Snow Leopard and gave us endless amounts of useless animation that we can't turn off.


    That little flying download icon every time we download a file?  Why can't we just turn that off, put it in a woodpile and burn it out of our memories?


    Every time I see one of those things dart across the screen, it reminds me of a cockroach running somewhere.  It's disturbing and you can't turn it off.


    I know where my files are being downloaded to.  Stop telling me all the time.  It's annoying.  At least let us turn it off.  I need less garbage flying all over my screen.

  • Alex Zavatone Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed.  The last useful version of the Mac OS was 10.6.8.  If it weren't for having to develop for iOS, I wouldn't have left 10.6.8. 

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