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    I like the google toolbar that I installed, except that I used the old google tool bar for a quick spelling check when I was writing on line and the old tool bar gave me spelling corrections automacticly without having to get off the site I was typing on,  this one does not.  Really wish they would put it back the way it was. 

    I think Apple made a big mistake!

  • lwr032 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I use Firefox too.  The  only thing I can't do in Firefox that I got use to doing in Safari is trackpad gestures.  I use pinch to zoom in Safari.  Is there a way to do that in Firefox?



  • NY Dutchboy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bring it back! This is such an inconvenient "update" to Safari. Apple support says: "you don't have to go to the Google website". I didn't have to do that before now did I?! I find myself going to Google a lot more these days. Bring back the Google (or other search engine of choice) search feature! I will probably switch to another browser or - gasp - a PC if Apple keeps doing these incomprehensible things.

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    Seems the results are different for different users here.  The searchbox in the upper right corner of my Safari page is still there, unmarked except with the magnifying glass that says Search the Web.  My Safari Browser is set in Preferences to Google as default search engine.  Yet, it is Yahoo! that comes up, against my settings, and wishes.


    Don't know what they were thinking.  Certainly there are things that needed changing besides this, yes?

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    I agree. I love Apple, but whenever they "upgrade" something, they downgrade certain very useful things. Another thing that's changed is (see my post last week) that Safari opens at the last page you were on rather than your home page. Sure, I can hold down the shift key as it opens to get to my home page, but I'd prefer something in Preferences to stop that. Same with other programs now. It opens things automatically that I don't want opened.


    When Apple people upgrade, do they ever test these changes on real people?

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    My search box in the tool bar on the right side is vanished, is that the same problem you are talking about in here?


    Is so, is it gone for ever?

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    NowApple, MY search box is still there on the right side.  It's just that instead of search with Google (which is set in Preferences for System and Safari), it searches with Yahoo!  That's why I suggested in the previous post that we might all be experiencing different things here.

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    Hi Mdsalemi,


    this is my safari bar, my sarch tool was on the right side between the reader button and the download button.




    PS: what is the Reader button, I think I am seeing or notcing it for the first time!?

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    Well, it's less functional for me. When doing research, it's handy to have something seperate so I can 1) keep a static search term when opening multiple tabs, 2) See both the url and search term simultaneously, 3) I even used it as a tiny notepad to jot down words or numbers while working in that window. From what I've read, lots of people are sad that it's gone - Apple should at least try and give users the option of using it or not.

  • NowApple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's a pity, I can confirm that was really useful.


    On iPad it still there! Why they deleted it from Mac?

  • Braziliannut Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


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    This is telling me that I need to first clear my search bar, then hit the magnifying glass to get the list of my recent searches.  It's an additional 2 steps to get to my google search, but the one bright side is that it lists the prior ~10 searches.  I hate these extra steps instead of just LOOKING WITH MY EYES at what I just searched for!!!!  I am certain that this would not have happened had Jobs still been alive.  He was all about the maximum computing experience with expediency, not adding layers of unnecessary complexity.  This new omnibar is not intuitive.

  • NowApple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I have seen what Apple done... the search tool is not vanished at all though they merged the two search engines in one!!!


    I mean that the search engine for www addresses, the one that we all have, is the same to the one to make search on google, try to wirte anything you want to search in google and it will switch itslef in a google search engine....!!!!





  • neil95 Level 3 Level 3 (610 points)

    Yeah. They unified the search bar and address bar like in Google Chrome. It's pretty convenient, really.

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    Its very inconvenient when you have locallised DNS entries that you use to navigate to web based management pages, now Safari tries to be clever and thinks your doing a google search so I have to use full qualified addresses to get to web interfaces for half my resources. This is a huge pain in the *** when you have to keep changing browsers or load a butt load of bookmarks for all my clients sites.


    If they want to make that the default then fine but atleast give you the option to have split search/address bars or atleast make an extension to let you change it.


    I'm holding out for now but I'm going to have to change to Firefox soon which *****.

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