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I enabled dictation on my mac through the System Preferences. First I tried going to notes and pressed the fn key twice, the Siri like mic appeared and I began to say simple words such us "hello" "how are you" and pressed done. The thre dots appeared for a few seconds then the 'three dots' went left to right and nothing appeared. I've tried this on notes, microsoft word, and also while typing this discussion. Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
Solved by Raju K on Aug 1, 2012 9:59 AM Solved

I had called the Apple Helpline a few days back and after an unsuccessful troubleshooting the problem was bumped to someone who said was from the engineering team. After another few rounds of trouble shooting he called me back and asked me to add the following DNS entries


1. and



and restart my machine. After these changes; the Dictation on my iMac is working.


PS:Previously I was having the Google DNS entries which now I have removed.


Hope this helps others.

Reply by andreafacchini on Jul 26, 2012 4:50 AM Helpful

It is some sort of bug for sure - I have the same problem you have on my MacBook pro, but works perfectly on the iMac, same settings obviously. I am sure a fix is on its way.

Reply by loyking on Jul 31, 2012 8:59 AM Helpful

Nice summarised, Raju.


I did some more research on problem B. I am using an Apple Airport Extreme router with my iMac (working dictation) on Ethernet and MBP (with problem B) on Wifi. Taking the suggestion that it might be a LAN problem, I switched the connections over so that the MBP is on Ethernet and the iMac is on Wifi. No difference. Dictation continues to work on the iMac regardless of whether if its connection is through Ethernet or Wifi. Dictation continues not to work on the MBP.


I tried deleting from /user/Library/Preferences, turning Dictation off and then back on again, and then rebooting the system. Still the same problem. I noticed that there is an additional file called On the iMac where dictation works, quick previewing this file shows a list of keys for the different languages supported. On the MBP where dictation is not working, a list of supported languages is shown, but critically, the keys are all missing. I did a Google on and found that a similarly-named file on the iPhone that controls how the iPhone connects with Siri servers and that this file was introduced as a way to thwart people hacking Siri. I am suspecting whether if Apple may have coded some bugs inadvertently into dictation in ML to thwart dictation server hacking. This might be why my MBP is unable to generate the correct key to contact the Apple servers. Blame it on the people trying to hack Siri to work on unofficial devices!


I have deleted the tokens file away to see whether if the MBP will regenerate a new working copy but this has so far proved unsuccessful. As the keys are however tied in to indivual system, copying the file from the working iMac over to the MBP doesn't help. I have spent the last few nights trying to troubleshoot this problem with no success. C'mon Apple, what happened to "It just works" ???

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