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  • abdulla119 Level 1 Level 1

    yeeeees i found the proplom relly im happey now :


    please visit my comand :





    folow what i say .



    thanks .

  • Hunaidi Level 1 Level 1

    After restarting adding those DNS and restartin several times it did finaly work, first it was slow then it became faster.


    Thank you Raju K but i was wondering why? Why is that I had to add those DNS changes? Is it because I live outside the US? What happens if I fly back to the US, do I have to remove them? In other words, what is DNS and it's function?


    Thank you again and the best of luck to all!

  • Laurel Bowman Level 1 Level 1

    Me too - and after I'd tried various of the other solutions (restart; zap the PRAM; delete the prefs files) to no effect.  How simple!  Thanks very much.

  • loyking Level 1 Level 1

    Just to update, I got in touch with AppleCare support. For the past week, we went through various configuration options including the suggestions here so far with DNS settings and deletion of preferences files. I highlighted that dictation was working on my iMac but not my MacBook Pro and both computers were connected to the same router and Internet service provider.


    I was connected to several senior service advisors who took me through various troubleshooting procedures with no apparent success. In the end, I was asked to download an Apple diagnostic tool which proceeded to collect information from both my MacBook as well as my iMac. I was told that the Apple engineers were keen to find out why dictation works on one Mac but not the other.


    I guess that the engineers might have figured out the problem and made adjustments on Apple's servers: I didn't even need to reboot my MacBook Pro at all or delete any preferences files. I didn't even have to switch on or off dictation itself from the system preferences panel. All of a sudden, dictation is now finally working smoothly on my MacBook Pro. I have not had any follow-up calls from AppleCare so far, but whatever the engineers are doing on their side, well done! I will monitor the situation and see whether this dictation continues to work over the next few days.


    This message was typed using dictation. For those of you who have been using VPN servers as a solution to the dictation woes do try it now without VPN. I hope that dictation will now work for you without using any VPN servers. Good luck!

  • ml314hk Level 1 Level 1

    loyking: dictation working now, I don't need VPN anymore


    thank you so much

  • loyking Level 1 Level 1

    @ml314hk: great!

  • Chris Snyder1 Level 2 Level 2

    Same behavior has Richard.  At first I thought it was the VPN software preventing connection to/from Apple Servers.  (As Dictation works as expected without VPN)   However at the Office I pluged directly into the Corp Lan and Dictation would not work. In my case anyway, our Corp firewall, I suspect, is to blame.  (Hardwire to Lan or VPN)


    I know our local IT guys pretty well, does anyone know how to get the address for the Apple server(s) so I can ask the IT guys on our end to run a test?  Not sure really what I'm asking but I assume an IP address is what I'm after.


    Thanks in advance,


  • Ben Greenzweig Level 1 Level 1

    Hi  - I also changed the DNS and I checked Parental Controls and yup, sure enough, it had blocked dictation. What's odd is that I never set Parental Controls on and Dictation worked flawlessly the first day...anyway, DNS and Parental Controls seem to be the way forward for me. Thanks group for all the help!

  • Chris Snyder1 Level 2 Level 2

    The firewall/security issue preventing Dictation from working has not been resolved in 10.8.1.



  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    There is no way Apple could solve your issue with an update.

  • Chris Snyder1 Level 2 Level 2

    Absolutely they can solve the issue.  I have no problem accessing or doing software updates from Apple behind the corporate firewall - I updated to 10.8.1 while using VPN and whatever corportate security we have. The 10.8.1 update hit the Apple servers somewhere, I assure you.


    But thanks for your comment.



  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    Your employer has opened the port that iTunes uses but the are blocking the port that dictation uses. Apple cannot write anything that would override their block.

  • Chris Snyder1 Level 2 Level 2

    My employer could care less about Apple and iTunes.  Maybe you could share the port being used by Dictation.  That acutally might be helpful to those using the forum trying to solve similar problems.



  • deggie Level 9 Level 9

    I have no idea, but if you get with your IT people and try sending some Dictation they should have no trouble spotting the port in question and opening it.