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    I had the same issue, if you go into services, mail contacts and calendars, make sure you switch off anything to do with notes under exchange accounts. Problem fixed for me!

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    I have the same issue.

    I went into system pref and into mail contacts and calendars.


    I disabled only AIM messages google account.

    It now works.

    Shame as I need the AIM google account to talk to my parents.

    I need to find an alternative as they are using PC.

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    Thank you, keithgee, your answer is the cure to the problem!!  I don't use Mail either but once I opened it, the fix was in!!!

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    Keith, letting "Mail" do it's upgrade thing solved my crashing problem as well.  I would have never thought of trying that, but it works now!  Thanks!

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    I am having the same problem.  The only thing that fixed the issue was unchecking Exchange Notes support.  Apple we need a fix.





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    I too was having the same problem, Notes was crashing giving the 'MFSQLiteException' exception. As posted earlier I simply logged in to my 'Mail' account (which I had never used before) and then ones in, simply deleted the account. Woalla! Notes is up and running absolutely fine.


    Apple, you need to fix this problem. I thought this would be fixed in the OS update which was provided yesterday (24th Aug 2012) but it was not. I am dissappointed with apple beacause most of the users who do not use 'Mail' have been facing this problem and by the look of the work around that we ourself figured out it does not seem to be a difficult fix to handle.

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    Upgrading the Mail app also worked for me in fixing the Notes crashing problem. Thanks!

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    I have tried everything to no avail. Notes works well with Google and also in stand alone mode.  It simply freezes and aborts when trying to sync with Exchange server.  This is happening to me since upgrading to 10.8.1.  It was working ok with 10.8.  Any comments? Any help?

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    There is one thing though that I would like to share with everybody I noticed whilst trying to fix Notes from crashing.


    Now instead of crashing, Notes will open, allow me to see my MS Exchange in accounts list but won't download the notes or sync them they way Reminders will. It remains blank. All my emails download and sync and so will the reminders. It's just nuts.


    For those that are interested, please continue to read...

  tried all of the suggestions to date, none of which worked for me and Notes just continued to crash while trying to access my MS Exchange account. I had given up.


    Since then, I received a licence for Mac Office 2011 through an agreement work has with Microsoft. When I installed the updates and opened Outlook something odd happened. A window popped up notifying me that a database was corrupt and needed to be rebuilt. (please bear in mind I had rebuilt my exchange account/database in the mail app a couple of hours earlier) when I tried to rebuild it with the MS Office database utility it could not, it said it wasn't able to repair it. I had no choice to delete it and create a new one, which I did.


    By deleting and creating the new database, Notes no longer crashes whilst trying to sync with Exchange, however, it won't download any Notes. It only works with Google and iCloud. It is a small consolation, however, that I can still access them via Outlook. I have no idea what relationship the Microsoft/Outlook database has with Mail, Notes and Reminders but I am guessing understanding the relationship between them is important to resolving the issue. In any case Reminders now syncs better also. I know this doesn't solve the issue, but I hope it will provide some insight into where to look next...

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    I found this on web and was very usefull I let the link

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    worked for me. thx

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    Thanks a lot!

    This does help me!

    And this workaround also fixed the problem that "mail, contact and calendar" tab in preference abnormally quits. 

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    Thanks JustinIllig -- this worked for me.  The instructions were very clear and helpful

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    Came to this thread because my Notes app really started acting up.  Had one note, everytime I tried closing the window for it, Notes would lock up then crash.   So I opened up Notes again, this time instead of trying to close that window, I deleted that note from main notes window..  Then quit notes, attempted to restart notes, but now it crashed everytime I tried. 


    Tried one of the suggested mentioned here, opened up the Mail App..  selected Rebuild from the Mailbox menu..  once that was done, opened up Notes, it launched no problem.       Don't understand it.  appreciate the suggestion though.

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    Try going to your User/Library/Containers/ folder and delete what's inside. Notes should be reset completely.