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I have two routers. an airport express base station bought this earlier this year and a linksys WRT160N router. I am looking to bridge them wirelessly with the airport acting as the main router. It is upstairs with the broadband modem. The linksys router I have I would like to use downstairs and connect the bluray drive, directtv wireless box and xbox to the system. I have looked on the internet to help however I am still stuck on trying to have the linksys router "connect" to the airport and relay that signal.


I think the thing that gets me is not being able to correctly label the static IP address inputs. Under internet settings It asks for Internt IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS1 ( 2 and 3) are optional. In addition there is an option for network setup and that asks for Router IP address and subnet mask and DHCP server setting (which i assumed is disabled). Can someone help? Thanks in advance.