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I downloaded Mountain Lion today and I am having trouble with Dreamweaver CS6, Indesign, Fireworks and Illustrator crashing at launch. Photoshop, bridge and lightroom seems to work okay. I reinstalled the creative suite and same problem. I upgraded from Lion.

Mountain Lion OS
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    I have installed Mountain Lion from Lion and Illustrator 6 has crashed at least 5 times today. Painfully lost work in the process. Should I go back to Lion?

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    I haven't figured out how to go back to Lion. Apple has removed it from there website. I am not able to do anything with the Apps that crash, because they crash immediately on launch. So far I haven't found a solution. I am thinking about buying a new HD and remove the drive with the OS on it and start from scratch with Snow Leopard, which I have on a DVD.

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    I have de same problem. I have Lion and Fireworks CS5 and all ok in my Macbook Air 2011. Late I install Mountain Lion and CS5 don´t work. It crashes 5 o 6 times at lauch. Late work. I buy then CS6 and I have same problem. 2 hour with Adobe chat and phone and nothing .



    Ticket: 183-475-748

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    So far I have not run into any issues, but I have only been using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects CS6. Adobe only reports that there are minimal issues with compatibility, not any crashing or other major effects.


    You may want to go over Adobe's compatability FAQ http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/faq.html#lion-os I saw some checklist that you should go over to make sure your software is ready for the upgrade.


    If that don't work, you will want to fill out an Adobe Bug Report https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform and see if they can help you as well.

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    Try downloading and installing Latest Java Update from Apple.

    (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1515 as of 07-27-2012).


    Why? My story:


    1. After installing Mountain Lion, first launch of Adobe Acrobat X Pro crashed.
    2. Read this thread.
    3. Read Adobe platitudes about no known issues with many CS editions but YMMV.
    4. Attempted to launch Illustrator CS5.5. Was informed that JRE 6 was needed, and prompted to attempt download and install.
    5. Attempted and failed through Adobe interface.
    6. Searched for and located update listed above. Downloaded and installed.
    7. Both Illustrator and Acrobat Pro launch cleanly now.
    8. YMMV
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    For me, doesn´t work.

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    I have no hair left after pulling it all out over the past three days trying to get Bridge to work. Launches, but the minute you try to scroll - CRASH! I have searched every forum I could think of trying to find an answer and everyone points me back to Apple not Adobe as being the source of the problem. i.e. the way in which Mountain Lion is processing the information. All that is well and good, but I need to work and I can do nothing with Bridge now. Why is it that every time there is an Apple upgrade we all have to go through these horrific teething episodes that end up costing us all money.

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    I have a problem with Dreamweaver CS5 and Bridge. Dreamweaver worked initially when I had upgraded to ML, but started crashing on startup after a few days. I have tried everything, and got it to work for 1 day, but after I started up my computer the next day it started to cash again.


    I have run disk repair, repaired permissions, updated Java, reset PRAM, uninstalled Dreamweaver, reinstalled it (set Gatekeeper to "Anywhere"), deleted prefs, deleted Dreamweaver folder from Application support/Adobe folder in library. Checked it wasn't a local account issue by trying to launch it for first time on a differnt account. None of this worked.


    I downladed the Dreamweaver 11.5.3 patch from Adobe's website, and then it worked for a day. But now none of the above works.


    All my other CS5.5 apps work fine: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Fireworks, Acrobat.


    I am now at a loss. Not sure if I should spend the weekend rolling back to Lion.

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    Has anyone found a solution to this? I bought a brand new MacBook Pro with ML installed, migrated from my iMac, all works fine.


    Except Dreamweaver (CS5) crashes, will not open, can't even get to a point to check for software updates (but I downloaded them manually). I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted premissions, etc. as above (set Gatekeep to Anywhere, etc, etc.) ALL other Adobe apps work fine and dandy.


    What's interesting is that if I created a new user account, when I tried to open Dreamweaver it worked. It automatically updated the software, gave me a message it was doing so. Opened, nice and fast, all good.


    But then when I go back to my admin user account, then it crashes again.


    Anyone find a fix?

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    same here, Illustrator CS5 cannot be open on 10.8.2

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    I had the same crashing problem with both Illustrator and InDesign CS6. Do you have any Illustrator plugins installed? The plugin architecture has changed for CS6 and the installation has to be done via Adobe's plugin manager or through an installer provided by the plugin. If the problem is not plugin-related, you're going to have to use Adobe's installer to uninstall Illustrator completely and then reinstall. The uninstall process will leave your preferences and possibly a couple of other things in your user directory and/or Applications folder. Remove those as well once the Adobe uninstall is finished. Then reinstall. Don't try putting your old preferences back; I tried that and it started crashing again so I had to go through the whole uninstall process again. The key to all this is to use Adobe's uninstaller and not just drag the Illustrator folder to the trash.


    If that doesn't work, take a look at your fonts. A corrupt font can cause Illustrator to crash and CS6 installs a bunch of fonts, and seems to overwrite any existing ones of the same name without asking whether it should.

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    Having the same problem. Starting a new thread on it.

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    I have had the same problem with Dreamweaver. The fact that you don't have a problem with Dreamweaver on another account is the clue.


    Your old settings and preferences are still active on your migrated account, but the new, fresh account has totally new preferences. It's these old preferences which are causing the problem.


    You need to go through your ~/user/Library/Application Support/Adobe folder and ferret out anything to do with Dreamweaver. There will be several locations of settings files, not just the Dreamweaver folder. Delete them.


    Also Delete all references to Dreamweaver in your Preferences folder.


    This took me a while but eventually I found them all, and now Dreamweaver is stable (for some 6 months), with newly created prefs & settings.


    Alternatively, delete everthing in the ~/user/Library folder to do with Adobe, delete your Adobe apps, and then reinstall your Adobe Creative Suite.

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    It's About SIMBL


    in library > Application Support > SIMBL


    just rename it to something else.


    And it works...