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I get a "403 Forbidden" error when trying to download Mountain Lion from the App Store. Why?

Mac mini (Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4), 8GB Ram
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    Are you outside of the US?

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    No, I'm in the USA and I'm still having this problem.  All of my computer specs exceed Apple's requirements.  This makes no sense.


    Here's what I've done so far...


    - Restarted the App Store many times  (no luck)

    - Rebooted computer several times  (no luck)

    - Closed all other applications before attempting purchase/download  (no luck)

    - Checked several times for any needed software updates  (no luck)


    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  • brad.price Level 1 (10 points)

    I've been struggleing with this problem for the past few days myself. My fix was to disable my proxy (privoxy)

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    Here is my problem and solution...


    I am in Afghanistan on two different satellite systems one is Austrailia and the other is a NOC in Africa. I've downloaded to almost 4.x gigs twice and today have successfully circumvented whatever the prob may be...


    First step is when you get the error, don't let it go away if you've downloaded a significant amount. Open terminal and type:


    >defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true

    >Restart App Store, goto Debug, Show Download Folder

    >Locate the folder with your package, basically the one with the same amount downloaded as in the app store.

    >Copy the contents to your desktop

    >Cancel and restart the download

    >You will see all the contents reset in the folder, delete those and replace with the ones you copied to the desktop, pause and restart the download.


    Hope this helps.

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    This fixed my problem, thanks!

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us .... that just fixed my problem!

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    I am in Afghanistan aswell and am experiencing the same identical problem, around 3.74gb downloaded... I am currently running snow leopard and can't seem to figure out your directions to get the debig to pop up... can you break it down dummy style for me? Thank you very much and stay safe over there.Thanks!

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    Hi! I was able to show the Debug menu on the appstore using terminal. However, I can't see a Show Download Folder when I go to Debug. All I have are:


    Enable Debug Menu

    Save source to disk

    Log XML

    Log Headers

    Clear cookies

    Reset application.


    How do I get the Show Download Folder option?


    I've been downloading and redownloading mountain lion unsuccessfully for more than a week now!

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    I have the same problem when enabling the Debug menu. I have the same as poster above and no option to see the Show Download Folder.


    Could it be that non-US app store users dont have this option? My app store version seems up to date.


    Please help!

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    I had the same problem and this is what I did, as you may know ¨403¨ is problem caused when you can actually reach the server but the server does not give you the permission tu proceed with the action so you have something on your mac that is stopping the process, look for not-native mac aplicattions working with your wi-fi like something syncable and turn it off

    Hope this helps

    Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my native language