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  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    OOOOhhhhh that was a nice move

    Past it into a new tab and hit ALT enter

    i like that one

    that works too.

    FluffyMath wrote:


    1)  Go to Safari Preferences -> Advanced tab -> check the box saying "Show Develop Menu"

    2)  Make sure that the window with your video is on top so you can see it.  DO NOT PLAY THE VIDEO!!!

    3)  Go to the tool bar -> Develop menu (between Bookmarks and Window), select "Show Page Resources"

    4)  NOW you can play the video.  Watch the LEFT-HAND panel as you press play.

    5)  A dropdown file should appear as soon as you press play.  Its called "Other".  OPEN IT.

    6)  Somewhere in the "Other" folder will be your video file. It's the one with the loading sign next to it. Select it.

    7)  Then go to the RIGHT-HAND side panel. There will be a section titled "Location" and under that the "FULL URL" of your video file.  Copy it.

    8)  Paste it into the Safari address bar.  Hit Alt+Enter.  Download will begin immediately.

    9)  Enjoy your video.



    NOTES:  DON'T play/load your video until the Page Resources thing shows at the bottom of your screen.  Reload your webpage if you have to.  Otherwise the important "Other" folder will not show up and you won't find your video file.  GOOD LUCK.

  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    I am noticing that sometimes if i need to refresh,

    then with some sites i am losing the link.

    In place of hitting the refresh on just these type of sites it seems hitting the stop button and then the play button, nudges up the ‘OTHER’ folder into sight.

  • kevin10451 Level 1 Level 1

    You're right. I just downloaded Safari 6 on my old mac and RealPlayer Downloader does not work with it. Sorry for wasting your time.


    Now I've gotta figure how to work FluffyMath's way.

  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    FluffyMaths way was a step better than what i found.

    definately give it a try.

    for me his way worked even on those trickier sites where the .flv files were stored on another service somewhere.

    I had a bit of a time getting some of the bits i wanted but this copying the url from the right side of the window (location) worked realy well for me when used together pasted into the address field and then hitting alt+enter.

    yet another one solved. great stuff.

  • kevin10451 Level 1 Level 1

    Double clicking the movie file in "other" started my download immediatly on my old Mac. Couldn't get the copy way to work though.  Still it's not as convenient as the activity window was. Well, at least I can eliminate RealPlayer and Downloader from my Mac now.  

  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    FluffyMaths instructions were very clear.

    I am curiouse to why it did not work for you.

    The url on the right should show signs of being with the same name as the file name on the left hand side (the resouce). Inside the folder "other" So you copied the location url (right) into the browsers address bar then?

    Hit alt enter..... Aaaanndd Nothing?


    And you have Mountain Lion with Safari6?

    Any active extentions?

  • kevin10451 Level 1 Level 1

    On my old mac that has Safari 6 I have Lion on that one. I will eventually install ML on my new one.

    When I copied the url in the address bar it couldn't find the site (the copied url had many more letters and symbols at the beginning).  But just simply double clicking in "other" worked like it did in activity window before you had to option double click. I never really used copy & paste at all so it's possible I'm doing that part wrong. I just highlighted the part on the right and dragged to to the desktop then dragged it to the address bar and hit alt enter.

    I've got the old machine off now but I'll give it a go again tomorrow. The only extension I have is AdBlock.

    Don't much care for that full width tab!

    Thanks for the help!

  • mazzda Level 1 Level 1

    My interim solution is to dust off an old iMac I had in the cupboard with OSX 10.6 on it and use the activity window, works every time for all kinds of files.

  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    Yes its lucky we can see the full address of the files url over to the right and even more lucky that we are able to mark this address so we can do cmdC with the succesful resulting cmdV into the address bar.

    Dragging a clipping path file to the desktop as you say you had tried is something i would never have considered. I would also think it would not work as i believe the clipping path file name (the url) would be incomplete.

    I have not tested your method btw but i am not surprised it did not work.

    Maybe you could think of it this way... Would a text file called oldsocks.txt containing your url have worked?

    and again had you added the words .Clippingpath to the end of your url would that have worked.

    Sorry to say but sounds like an odd way to do it but hey, you might have been onto a new way of doing it.

    Go with the copy and past way my friend.

  • Ricky Barnaby Level 1 Level 1

    Mazzda i liked your comment so much.

    I can think there is going to be an old mac revival wave just now with loads of people heading for there old machines.

    I just hope with Steve gone we are not seeing the entropy of the mac already.

    Is so perhaps they can get the upward spiral to return by looking at just what it was they were doing right back then.

    Loved your comment.

  • TemaTumanov Level 1 Level 1

    this is the solution, guys!!! worked for me.

    thanx a lot

  • IMRAN Level 2 Level 2

    Good work, @FluffyMath.


    I shared your text with my family.



  • GianniNYC Level 1 Level 1

    O_Andrews with all due respect the only monumental thing about Safari 6 is the way it

    monumentally slows down web sites upload and my Mac Pro is less then a year old and it has plenty of memory, reinstalling safari 5.1.7 did the trick and speed it my internet connection again, woof

    Again I hate the fact that the search window is now integrated with the address window, it is now

    necessary to type the .com in an address or safari will assume it is a search, stupid stupid stupid.

    I hate the missing progress window one can basically seat waiting 15 minutes with put knowing if the web site will ever upload or not.

    Apple is really messing things up.

  • debbywinanda Level 1 Level 1

    is it just working with youtube sites FluffyMath?

  • Yodrak Level 1 Level 1



    I'm good up until step #9, because at step #8 what shows up in my Downloads is a file with the following characteristics:

    Name: videoplayback.flv

    Size: 1.8 MB

    Kind: Movie


    No matter what the duration of the YouTube video clip, the file size is always the same - 1.8 MB.  Nothing will open it.


    Lion 10.7.4

    Safari 6.0 (7536.25)