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carlosglvn4 Level 1 Level 1

its like stuck and i lost the warranty what do i do ps i don't want to buy a new on please help

it only wakes up when it's plugged in to a power source so it is only good if you plug it in and attach it to a speaker cause the screen stays lit but sleeps when it is puased

iPod nano, Windows Vista, help
  • planb77 Level 7 Level 7

    You can check your iPod's warranty status using this link.



    If it's still valid, you don't need the receipt or paperwork. Just make a trip to your local Apple Store/Genius Bar and have them take a look at it.  If it's still under warranty and they deem the damage the result of a manufacturing defect, they will swap it out for you at no cost. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for an out of warranty exchange or opt to send it to a third party service center to actually have them repair the iPod.  The choice is yours.



  • AKPark Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing happened to me. They will replace it at no charge because it is under warranty. However, this is an inherent design flaw and is likely to happen with the next one after less than one year of use. When it happens to the next one, I will be out of warranty. I raised this with support so they suggested I purchase Apple Care. Really?? In other words, I am s*&% out of luck. DO NOT BUY THE IPOD NANO 6 GEN.

  • planb77 Level 7 Level 7

    However, this is an inherent design flaw


    Yes, but only for a small portion of users. Many of them have never had such issues.



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    I disagree planb77.  The button on my first one broke while under warranty and was replaced.  Now the button on the replacement one is broken (exact same case as AKPark describes) and my Ipod is useless.  I did not buy Apple care because for this price the products under normal use should not break.  This is a design flaw.

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    Suit yourself.



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    I agree with all except Planb. I have just had my second Nano 6th gen break.

    For a premium product it is a major oversite. Making the most integral part of it so flimsy!

    I am getting less and less impressed with Apple products.

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    Not true about many users *not* having problems with the on/off button on 6th generation ipod nano. Search the web, read Amazon reviews...you will find many complaints about this button. I am in the process of "exchanging" mine for a refurbished unit for $80. ouch! Weighed the alternatives and decided to just pay the price for another ipod device that holds a lot of music and has am/fm. Small is good in the gym. I'm a total Apple fan, have been buying them since 1987, but this devices' flaw and cost to replace is a real disappointment.