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how do i allow row to break across pages in Pages? in microsoft word there is this option in table properties.

my document is more than a page long in one row of table, but i can not see any information once i've reach the bottom of page one (i only see "+" sign at the bottom)

thanks for anybody that could help me out.

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    Hello icuno,

    welcome to the Pages Discussions. I don't know for sure what you are meaning. First you are speaking of a row and of a table, but later you mentioned the bottom of a page. So I think you mean a column, not a row.

    It seems like you are using a textbox as a text container. Is that right? If you are using a shape as a text container, please cut the text out of it, insert a textbox into the page and paste the text into the textbox. You insert a textbox by using the menu item "Insert/Text". But be sure that the textbox is a fix positioned one. You can activate this option in the wrap inspector. This is important because you can connect only textboxes for a text flow from one container to the next, or you have to use the text area included in every page.

    Now click once outside and than only one time into the textbox to activate the layout mode. You will see two blue hollow rectangles at the left top and at the right bottom of the textbox borders. Click inside of the right bottom blue rectangle and you will get a new textbox with the text of the first textbox which was covered by it's borders.

    This two textboxes are connected (or others called it linked). This is displayed by the now filled blue rectangles. Do this for every new page.

    If I am absolutely wrong with my suggestion about your layout, please let us know a bit more detailed about how the layout looks like.

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    hi Frank,

    thanks for your quick response.

    your first guess was right, that i was talking about table, rows and columns.

    suppose you open a blank doc in pages. then you insert table and you will see a table of 4 rows and 3 columns, right? now in the 2nd row of first column, type anything really long that will force the doc to go to 2nd page ( i typed "asdf" and hit return over and over again until i reached the bottom of 1st page and continue to type in more info until i dont see anymore what i am typing, i assume that it will go to 2nd page. you will see that the 3rd and 4th row will be on the 2nd page right? but i dont see some of the things already typed in passed the 1st page. is my explanation clear? in microsoft word, there is a check box to allow 1 row to spread across 2 or more pages. how do you do it in Pages?

    Thanks again!
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    Hello icuno,

    now all is clear. Thank you for the clarification. Pages is only than able to split tables, if the table is an inline object. Inline object means shapes, textboxes, tables, etc. which moves inside of text areas with the text. You can achieve this by activating the option "Move with text" inside of the first section of the wrap inspector. Fix positioned tables are not splitted if calls will pass a page border.

    But unfortunately only entire cells will be moved to the next page. If you fill a cell and the content will pass the page border, this cell will not be splitted so you can see the overflowing content on the next page.

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    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for your clear answer, so the conclusion is that a cell cannot be spread/stretched pass the page border, instead the entire cell as a whole will move to the next page.

    i have one more question, i am still using tables with rows and columns and in one of the cell i want to type a long list using list numbering (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc) and the list go past the page border to the 2nd page, 3rd page, so on. how do i keep the list number continue to 2nd page automatically. i've tried this by moving to the next cell below (since i know now i cannot stretch a cell to more than a page long), but the list number is resetted even if i already select the continue option from the bullet & numbering inspector.

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    Hello icuno,

    Pages cannot continue a lists in a separate cell from a list of an other cell. You have to use a work-around like this:

    1) In the cell of the next page insert the previous list level title and beneath the next level item entry, which would be the continuing of the cell above.
    2) Select the level title (in the example image the "5. Title") and set the "Start at" number field in the tab "List" of the text inspector to the number this level title has in the previous cell.
    3) Now select the list item beneath the level title and make it a next level item by increasing the level number with the "Indent Level" number field at the top of the tab "List" in the text inspector.
    4) With the number field "Start at" you can set the number to the following of the last list entry from the cell above.

    That's the way to handle your problem manually, because there is no automatic way.

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    thanks a lot Frank, all is clear.