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I installed Mountain Lion today.  I like a lot about it, but I think if Steve Jobs were alive he'd be firing all the people who worked on iCloud for Mac.  What a world of hurt.


I can't get pages documents on my Mac to synce with iCloud.  I've tried several different methods of moving documents into the Pages iCloud directory, but in all cases the file just sits there in 'waiting' mode.  Waiting for what?  Godot?


Here's a screen capture - the file on the left is the 'waiting' file:


Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 3.19.22 AM.png


Any suggestions are welcome.  Issues like this are why DropBox has a future... it just works.  iCloud is so much non-intuitive pain.


Please help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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