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    I've been noticing that the most recently manufactured MacBooks are breaking too frequently. All the hardware components, except the processor, are randomly breaking within less than an year as I've been reported by all macbooks owners I know. And that happened to me too.


    I have 2 MacBooks, one Early-2009 and the other Late 2012. The older one never gave me a single problem and I updated it to all Mac OSX from Snow Leopard until Mavericks and it is still working great. The newer one had a video problem 6 months after I bought it and now I'm running into a harddrive failure after a sudden crash from mavericks. It says "Incorrect number of thread records" on the disk, it is unable to repair the drive and it never booted up again. Oh, my warranty is now over, so I'm screwed.


    Finally, MacBooks aren't cheap products. Apple says they are the best quality computers in the wolrd. So how come they can behave as disposable short use products?

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    So it's now August 2014 and I think I may have just become victim to this same problem. I have a 1 and half year old MacBook Pro (my third Mac notebook over the last 10 years).Last weekend I chose to update Mountain Lion having ignored the App Store updates for so long and with some time on my hands. I updated it and then after an hour or so of use I shut my notebook down for the night. Next day I tried to turn it on: nada - spinning dial on the apple grey screen. Get to disk utility and it tells me my disk needs to be repaired. Absolutely gobsmacked that such a new machine can have this problem - my last two notebooks died after 4-5 years with minor hard drive issues. Took the machine to Apple today: the technician "kindly" explained that as machinery hard drives could break anytime between 1 week and 5 years - I pointed out this didn't work so well for me when I paid £1k for the piece of kit in the first place!! They have taken labour off my fix cost as I made a fuss but it still cost me £80. I was completely baffled as to why the hard drive broke, given I have minimal use of it at home barely moving it around. BUT the one thing I did do before it failed? Updated Mountain Lion. And now that seems to explain a lot more. TOTALLY unacceptable - worst machine I've ever bought from Mac. Never buying one again at this rate, huge waste of money. When I pick up my "fixed" notebook on Tuesday I'll be mentioning this Mountain Lion corruption coincidence a bit more!!

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