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Mountain Lion says it can't be installed.  Log said to refer to www.apple.com/support/no-recovery.  I don't have RAID, so it must be:


The disk has a non-standard Boot Camp partition setup, where further partitioning was performed after running Boot Camp Assistant, or the configuration that Boot Camp Assistant created was manually modified.


Problem is, I didn't do additional partitioning.  This is an iMac running Lion.


Reinstall Snow Leopard, remove my Boot Camp partition, etc after backing everything up? 


The error message in the log seemed to refer to an inability to write the boot.ini file.


There has to be an easier way.....any suggestions?  I did not do anything to the partitions after installing Lion.  I did have to run Boot Camp Assistant and managed to boot my Windows XP install CD to re-install the Windows partition.

iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), OS X Mountain Lion
Solved by ncshawng on Jul 26, 2012 12:55 PM Solved

Wound up deleting the recovery and bootcamp partitions.  Really hate having to re-install Windows again.  The file format wasn't NTFS, so I couldn't use Winclone to grab it before deletion.


Live and learn -- thanks for the suggestions!