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m.h Level 1 Level 1

With WebMail depreciated in OS X Server, is there a recommended (incorporated) way for users to configure vacation messages and other server side rules?

OS X Server
  • AIzzard Level 1 Level 1

    I'm curious to find out if the ML Server installer will preserve an existing Roundcube installation when upgrading from Lion. While surfing the web yesterday researching solutions I ran across someone stating that Apple's OS X Server overview documentation mentions support for Roundcube (among other web services like Wordpress & Drupal, etc). I've also seen that existing DHCP configurations are preserved when upgrading from Lion. So I'm holding out hope that the same holds true for Roundcube. I'll be running a test update this weekend. Has anyone crossed this bridge yet?

  • Steven Major Level 1 Level 1

    Let us know how this works for you, I'm quite intested in preserving webmail and server side rules too!

  • D.Sunnanfjord Level 1 Level 1

    I upgraded from Lion Server to Mountain Lion Server and Roundcube is not preserved after the upgrade. I had to install Roundcube manually afterwards and that works as it should except for the server side rules. I cannot get server side rules to work at all.



  • Steven Major Level 1 Level 1

    Is ML server still using Dovecot for email services? If so, can you tell if something is listening on port 2000?


    I have a separate install of Roundcube rc8 and MySQL running on my existing Lion server and that still talks to server side filters.


    I'll probably try a test upgrade tomorrow if I have time to see what I can see as well.



  • mopedpan Level 1 Level 1

    Hi m.h,


    I didn't find a comfortable way, but I find a way ...


    Dovecot Sieve expects the sieve rules in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/%u/ (%u ist GUID) ...


    I restored my Lion Server Rules with copy from the migration Backup (I don't have the path at this time, but you'll find it) in to the above mentioned directory ... fixing owner an permissions, testing, it works fine for me.

    But it's a little bit complicated to write new rules ... I'm sure you find a howto ...

  • redshift82r Level 2 Level 2

    If you want to you can follow the instructions in to install Roundcube with the appropriate plugins to manage the existing rules that you have restored.  Cheers.

  • magicalexis75 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, I'm a little new here. I saw you installed roundcube manually on ML Server. Could you explain how it is done? I'd like to install the new rc interface which is way better than the one served with Lion Server, but I get bogged down by SQL configuration.


    Thanks in advance,



  • redshift82r Level 2 Level 2

    Hi Alexandre,


    1. download rundcube from download

    2. follow instructionsd here -


    Good luck - I havent tried the Beta but you are most welcome to try.......

  • magicalexis75 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, I'll give it a try and let you know!

  • Alfista_SK Level 1 Level 1



    it's possible to install the newer version on Mac OS X 10.8? it's 0.8.2.

    And I would like if you can help me with my other question witch i post here:




  • Steven Major Level 1 Level 1

    I'm still on 10.7, but will go to 10.8 like you when they've fixed a few things and I'm sure that my server-side email rules will continue to work.


    To answer one of your questions: On 10.7 server I've disabled Apple's webmail and installed a separate Roundcube install which is the 0.8.2 version.  It works perfectly.  I do not think it will be an issue on 10.8 once I move there.

  • Alfista_SK Level 1 Level 1

    For me they have an issue with showing AD users in Server app but not with mail or websites.

    In 10.8 isn't web mail port so I ask if it will be working.

    Is the instalation complicated? Is there needed compilating or something like that?

    I ask, while I'm not so good in it, I can set the standard, configure some thinks in the console.


    And I will set auto create some folders and rules in mail at time in OS X 10.6 witch I'm now running, but it will be OK when you know it only for the 10.8 and tell me how can I set it.


    All mails will by only imap.



  • Steven Major Level 1 Level 1

    The seive rules are referenced by the imap server on OS X and it is responsible for the mail sort. The old webmail (SquirrelMail) and the newer webmail on Lion (Roundcube) were only writing the rules that the sieve engine of the server were reading.  In other words, the webmail doesn't handle the sorting of the incoming messages, its built in filter settings write the rules that the server uses to sort them.


    In Roundcube, that is the managesieve plugin. By default, the rules get saved in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/[user UniqueID]/dovecot.sieve with the new Roundcube and older rules are default.sieve. Dovecot seems to look for one or the other and uses it.


    So, and I still have to read (and if anyone can answer!) since I've not looked at this since 10.8 server has first come out:  They moved the mailstor moved in ML, but does Dovecot still have sieve rules ENABLED or does that require a .conf change?


    To answer your configuration question:


    if you're comfortable with editing a text file, Roundrube is VERY simple to configure in my opinion. Everything is well commented in the settings files. Almost all of the settings are having it connect to your IMAP and SMTP server, same as an email client's settings.  And that's it, you don't need to compile anything to use it.


    You will need to setup MySQL or ProtegeSQL with it, but they have scripts that setup the tables for you, again, pretty simple.  PERSONALLY, I chose to install MySQL (they have a Mac .pkg install and a System Preference Pane for it).  I did not want to use the ProtegeSQL Apple supplies with OS X because we've all learned this lesson: who knows when they'll abandon THAT and leave us all scrambling for a solution again.


    This way, my SQL install is indepenent, ready for the next OS upgrade without wondering if Apple will take it away, or even transportable to another platform.

  • Alfista_SK Level 1 Level 1

    OK I uderstand. I will try it to install and test.


    But from your text I'm not sure if is possible to make auto create a mail folder and rules for all new users.

    For example, that I will do :-). I will that all users that i create have mail folder caled JUNKMail and a rule that all mails that the mail server sign as JunkMail will be moved there. But I won't do that manualy for each user, I will have ther a lot of users.


    Is there a diference between MySQL and PostgresSQL? I ask if it's needed to add MySQL and if they won't colidate when they are both in system.

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