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A couple of weeks back I had a problem with both my slides and music skipping and pausing.  I followed the recommendation repairing the library.


It continued so we visited Apple and they recommended a hard drive replacement. So once we got the new hard drive a restore was done for all our files including pictures in IPhoto.  We also installed the recent update to IPhoto 11 - version 9.3.2,  and was are operating with Lion 10.7.3.


We re-created the slideshows with the same music and pictures and although the pictures move along fine, the music still skips and pauses (for 1-2 seconds).  Some of the music is from our ITunes Library and some is from the stock music available with the slideshow feature.  With either, it skips and pauses.  I have checked the Itunes we are using and they play fine in ITunes.  We have even tried different music, with the same results.