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I recently had to replace my harddrive and when I restored from Time Machine I learned that it had malfunctioned and the last backup was in January.  Thus, anything stored in my various mailboxes, including a couple of newly established mailboxes, was not there.


I then reverted to my Mozy backup and did a full restore.  Unfortunately, the missing data and mailboxes were not there.


For future purposes, so I can make sure it is included in my Mozy backup, where do I find the Library and folder containing this data?  I spotlighted "libray mail" and searched in Finder to no avail.



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    In Lion, to get at the Mail folder wherch such things are stored, you must hold down the Option key while clicking on the Go command in the top bar.  In Lion things in the User Library folder are otherwise hidden.  I am not sure how to advise you about making this Mozy backup work.  However, once revealed in the Finder, the Mail folder or any subfolders can simply be copied.



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    Thank you Ernie,



    This info enabled me to find it.


    I now know where it is but I cannot find it on the Mozy backup list.


    I'll try to Mozy support forum to get the answer.