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Trying to update my iwork '09 suite to Mountain Lion compatibility, but I can't 


WHen I launch the App Store, it doesn't recognize these apps as installed.  And I can't register them from within the App.  They are legitiate...I bought the DVD years ago.  THe only thing that's changed is that I moved everything to a new Macbook Air a few months ago.



Anyone know how to force the updates or how to force registration?  I do not want to buy these apps again, but really want to update to take advantage of Documents in the Cloud. 





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    Run the Software Update pane of System Preferences or click here.



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    iWork '09 installed from the retail disk or from the downloaded trial must be updated through Software Update. Only apps purchased from the Mac App Store are updated through the Mac App Store. In Mountain Lion Software Update has been "rolled into" the Mac App Store. Choose Software Update from the Apple menu just like you always have & the Mac App Store will launch. Depending on what you have that needs updating you may see two sections in the MAS window.


    But, as always, if you're not running the latest versions of the iWork apps installed from a retail box or the downloaded trial & Software Update says your software is up to date, make sure the applications are where the installer initially put them. The updaters are very picky. If the location is not where the updater is programmed to look or if the folder doesn't have the name the updater looks for, it will not work. The applications cannot be renamed or moved. If you installed from the downloaded trial or the retail box, they must be in the iWork '09 folder in Applications. That iWork folder must be named iWork '09. If it doesn't have the '09 Software Update won't find them & the updaters won't work.


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    Thanks for the link!

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    it still does not work.


    i thought the original issue here is not just about iWorkd not updating.

    i have problems with any app, as Mac App Store software does not recognize updates, i keep updating but though it does it and without error messages, the app is constantly telling me to update, even after restarting app or Mac.


    very odd, un-Apple-like problem.


    it's been like this since its inception, for months.

    anyone else have this problem (under OSX 10.82)?!


    thanks for any tips.



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    even tips from Cnet 2011-01-19 "Apps not appearing as installed in App Store" does not fix issue


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    CultOfMac has other viable answers. see 2011-01-07 "Mac App Store: What Happens When You Buy Stuff You Already Own"


    it excuses MAS issues as:

    details aren’t matching up. this happens for all sorts of reasons i.e. your MAS account or app versions or different licenses between MAS or direct download sites etc.

    http://www.cultofmac.com/75942/mac-app-store-what-happens-when-you-buy-stuff-you -already-own/#o8tvxcOwTEf4VDEW.99

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    Both of those articles are old, from right after the Mac App Store was launched. Initially, apps you had previously installed from other sources did show up as installed but that was changed shortly thereafter. Only apps purchased through the Mac App Store show as installed in the App Store application.



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    thank you Peggy.


    well, if MAS does not recognize apps already paid elsewhere, MAS is of little use. Especially when AppFresh can handle it all, so it's possible.


    i can understand Apple's logic, that there's no way to find out where every user bough what.

    but then as AppFresh + Bodega, it's direct competitors, and like AppZapper's feature, MAS should at least list all installed apps with option to update, by adding custom fields with serial #s or codes for legitimizing the purchases from vendors before MAS existed.


    Apple already gives users the chance to go legit with iTunes Match. Since it's more complex for software developers to share a yearly fee for that, the least Apple can do with MAS is what i mentioned above.


    otherwise, it's ridiculous to have to pay for all software all over again, just to make it MAS-compatible. not even compatible. just for MAS to recognize it. if it's not possible, MAS is impractical, when it could be pragmatic and have 1000 times more users.


    is there a space on the web to suggest ideas for MAS to Apple directly?