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Hello there,

I have just purchased a music video from iTunes and it plays just 30 seconds and the picture and the sound freezes. I have tried to watch it on my computer and my iPhone and the same thing happens. How can I resolve this as I have been charged and I think the download is faulty as I purchased 3 other music videos and they are all fine. Does anyone know the email address or which department I need to contact because I can not find a section on Apple's website about receiving a faulty downloaded music video. Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Assuming you are in a region where you are allowed to redownload your past music video purchases, delete the current copy from your iTunes library, go to the iTunes Store home page, click the Purchased link from the Quick Links section in the right-hand column, then select Music and Not on this computer. You should find a download link for your video there.


    If the problem persists, or that facility is not yet available in your region, contact the iTunes Store support staff through the report a problem links in your account history, or via Contact Support.



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    I tried what you said but I could not find a download link for the video. Your advice however about reporting the problem in my account history great!  I had no idea about that so I have now reported the problem with my purchase and await to hear from Apple. Thank you once again for your help.