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  • btbowen Level 1 Level 1

    excellent suggestion; thanks!

  • Eladiobr Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Jaredlr,


    I believe you didn't read what the complains we all are making. The point is that before ML we could set a screen saver to run from a master folder and have all photographs/art inside subfolders that were authomatically added to the slideshow. Unfortunately for a not clear reason when Apple released ML this function was removed and we only can run a screensaver from a specific folder.


    But thank you for your effort on helping anyway.


    Nothing new yet...

  • James Chastney1 Level 1 Level 1

    Believe I found a way to enable screensaver to work with nested folders of photos in mountain lion, I use Lightroom myself and so do many of clients and this small change in ML has been a disaster!


    Anyway how I solved:


    Desktop and Screensaver Control Panel > select a transition effect from the left > source pop up > pick photo library > dialog > now just drag a folder from the finder with load of images > then select and Choose.


    What this does  I think make your folders parts of the image library with the same standing as iPhoto and Aperture



    Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 13.00.52.jpg

  • dpickup Level 1 Level 1

    Hi James,


    you lost me I'm afraid.


    I tried to follow your steps :

    Desktop and Screensaver Control Panel > OK

    select a transition effect from the left > OK

    source pop up > Nope ! I only have default collections or "choose Folder"


    Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 21.20.05.png

    if I choose folder i don't have the option of iphoto or folders as in your screen grab, I have the normal folder view.


    did i miss something ?




  • GAK NJ Level 1 Level 1

    The problem with this protocol that he's suggesting below is that you have to add all your organized photo directories into iPhoto, thereby duplicating the content.  That is a ****-poor idea, all made necessary because of Apple's stupid mod to the screensaver.


    If you were able to create a VIRTUAL library in iphoto which essentially mapped to a directory and all it's commensurate subdirectories stored elsewhere, that would be ONE thing.  But NONE of these suggestions are fundamentally useful (even though they can be done) because they force (by one means or another) the duplication of images stored elsewhere on your machine.  And that's absurd.


    I've got all my screensaver images organized in different folders under one master folder.  It's really no big deal to drag that master folder into iPhoto as an Event, and it will organize everything into subgroups based on your directory structure.  But it's duplicative and it won't refresh automatically if you add new images to those subdirectories - which completely *****.


    Apple really screwed the pooch with this.

  • kiu77 Level 1 Level 1

    That's the point, GAK NJ.

    btw: did annybody get a response from apple to the bug report?

  • tamnoon Level 1 Level 1

    Well said GAK. 


    I actually just bit the bullet and did a search within my master folder for any image file ending in ".jpg".  It returned 14,000+ hits, of course and I just dragged them all to a new folder called "ssaver pics" on an external drive.  I now use "ssaver pics" as my screensave folder.


    I did this reluctantly, of course, because (as you stated) I had to waste almost 20 GB of space AND now when I add photos to my master folder, I'll have to remember to add them to the new "ssaver pics", too.


    Stupid that my old iMac G4 700mhz lampshade running Tiger can do something my new fancy-pants >$1000 iMac can't.

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    btw: did annybody get a response from apple to the bug report?

    You'll only get feedback on submissions via BugReporter, not via Feedback.

  • kiu77 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes. That is what I mean. I got none.

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    Well stated. Apple also change where they store the screensavers collections and basically threw out many previous ones, apparently to force the higher-resolution ones to support their retina displays. See my Jul 27, 2012 post in on how to restore the previous ones.

  • James Chastney1 Level 1 Level 1


    What i did does not duplicates they listed folder in my case Lightroom library one bit, Simply references into the library.


    From the source > pop-up > photo library... > dialog comes up and then simply drag a Finder folder to  that window window.



    Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 20.51.55.jpg

    And then


    Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 20.45.39.jpg

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9

    Interesting. Check the status at BugReporter for open ones and see what's up. You can always submit another, it your original's missing.

  • GAK NJ Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting, James.  I just tried this - and then ran "twins" =  a great app which seeks out duplicates on my HD.  Looks like, as you say, it may in fact be referencing the original source directories.  I'm going to probe around a little bit more, but this is encouraging!   It reconfigured everything in iPhoto but when I asked iPhoto to explore the original (source) directories it pointed as where I have the images stored.   


    The configuration I have is as follows > files > art > montreal > folder 1, folder 2, folder 3, etc.

    So "Montreal" is the master folder which contains all the subs.   I dragged Montreal into iPhoto, and it pulled in all the subs - but i don't find duplicate images on my Hard Drive.


    Are we onto something here?  (at least, it's a consolation prize).


    But WILL the iPhoto directories update dynamically if we add a new image to the actual subdirectories?  That's the next test/question.



  • starbai1985 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure what is causing the difference between what I see in my 'Source Pop-Out' menu, and what you are seeing in yours.


    My source -> pop out menu is exactly like the screen shot that 'dpickup' posted a few posts above yours.


    I think this may have been changed from what you see James, to what myself and dpickup have after a the last Apple update.


    the saga continues.

  • GAK NJ Level 1 Level 1

    I have an update on this whole mess.   I followed the notes from above, and they worked!


    In fact, I took my "master directory" which has all my subdirectories below it, with all my pix organized in groups, and I DRAGGED that master directory into iPhoto events.   It imported all 600 photos, from each of the subdirectories - but it PRESERVED THE SUBDIRECTORY STRUCTURE (I only use 1 level down, so I can't vouch for more than that).


    I thought, "no, this can't be".  I've scoured the hard drive for dup's - there are none - so by dragging the directory into iPhoto in this manner, it appears to have created a virtual listing of the subdirectories.   If you use the tool in iPhoto to see the original source, it takes you out to the directories from which the images were imported.  


    So - at least so far - I think we have SOMETHING of a solution.



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