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  • polishedstaple Level 1 Level 1

    What are you talking about?  It is fixed in Mavericks.  Works like a charm now.

  • Firefighter Mike Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the reply. I see how you can select up to an hour.  This does help with an appointment scheduled one week in advance and you want to snooze for a day.

  • Bill3 Level 2 Level 2

    I have upgraded to Mavericks, but I am not getting the snooze options others seem to be getting.


    I hold click on "snooze" button, my options are:


         for 1 minute

         for 1 minute before

         until start time

         until end time


    Before Mavericks it was only 15 minutes.  For me its worse now. 


    Looking for suggestion to fix my bug.

  • Javier Bonafont Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Bill.  The impletmentation is a bit weird.  The new Snooze times are VARIABLE.

    It doesnt allow you to snooze PAST the scheduled start as you approach it.  So if your start time is in 5 minutes, the most you can snooze is 5 minutes.  But AFTER the event has occured you can snooze again for a day or something.  It took me several events to figure this out, it was perplexing to see the amount of snooze different each time and I kept thinking "Huh? What happened to For 1 Day?  It was there, I know it"  but you only get that if you were reminding yourself more than 1 day in advance, or after the event happens.

  • Bill3 Level 2 Level 2



    Thanks.  You said it best, it is "weird".  I'm glad you figured it out, it was making me crazy.



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    It is amazing that this thread is over a year old and the voices in the MAC wilderness are not being heard. Guess they are to busy with all of the other things they are doing

  • Javier Bonafont Level 1 Level 1

    van, its fixed!

    It works like a charm in Mavericks and the upgrade to Mavericks is free..

  • Brian T. Nakamoto Level 1 Level 1

    Hi van4800,


    Calendar snooze time interval choices are back in Mavericks!


    We can finally scroll horizontally in Week view by day instead of being restricted to moving in one-week blocks. Mavericks Calendar's integration with Mavericks Maps, and its ability to calculate travel time is pretty cool too. It also seems like Calendar works better with Google Calendar.



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    Hi Javier -


    I have upgraded to Macericks and iCal still works the same. I can snooze an event but no option to select the length of the snooze

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    We're getting closer to a real solution to snoozing on iCal events thanks to all those who have posted on this discussion topic.  Mavericks has addressed most of the missing snooze features (albeit "weird") thousands have come to use and love in previous Mac OSX versions.


    I recently spoke with a senior support rep about this issue and others, but I wanted to pass along an important tip for all of us that have been frustrated with various issues we want changed or are missing in more recent Mac OSX releases...


    If you want to be sure that a software or hardware engineer at Apple hears your concerns, go to  and choose the appropriate catagory to voice your concerns.  This is where the engineers go to first to hear us.


    Let's continue to work together to keep Apple the best it can be for the "Rest of Us"

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    Hi van4800,


    Mouse or trackpad click and hold down on the Notification Center "Snooze" button Alert to bring up a menu of snooze time intervals. (It helps to have Calendar set to use the "Alerts" style in System Preferences > Calendar > Notifications.) I have my trackpad set to require me to physically click, as opposed to tap-to-click because I never got used to the tap-click-hold gesture for these types of combo button menus.



  • Javier Bonafont Level 1 Level 1

    thats odd.

    when you get the snooze alert, have you tried clicking and holding it down for a second?   thats how you get the variable menu at least on my machine.  Its an odd implementation, though, so sometimes you DONT get the option to variable snooze BEFORE an event if the event is imminent.  for example, if you set an alert 10 minutes before something, you can't snooze for 20 minutes, you can only snooze until the event, THEN you can further snooze for a day or whatever.  try some different alert times and see if the variables show up.  also set an alert at exactly the time and see if the variables show up.

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    I still have an issue.  I liked it better when an alert would pop up and I could re-set it to pretty much when ever I wanted it.


    I had to take my Mac w OSX Lion (believe I got the Mac summer 2011) in to get a new hard drive under warranty.  When I got it back it had Mavericks.


    In calendar I found that when a reminder or alert came up it did not offer the same options to re-set the alert.  I used to be able to set it for pretty much any time I wanted, even 1 or 2 days out.  As I recall I could set it for whenever I wanted it.  And I liked that.  If Apple can give a user  control, they should.


    I see that you can choose various different "snooze" times.  But why should Apple first offer us great flexibility and then take it away.


    Another example as that we are forced to accept the defalt alert tone of Basso.  We do not have the option to change our default to a tone that we like.  In the case of my father, he does not hear the Basso sound as well as the "Glass" sound.  So we have to go in to custom on every alert to change it.


    Honestly, with so much that Apple does very well to offer "user-ability" to us, I do not get why they would drop the ball on little obvious things like this.

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  • App lé mac done alt duck tape Level 1 Level 1

    I just following feedback on

    Dear Developers,

    as you can see in this threat:

    Since over 3 years many people are frustrated that apple forced upon us the setting of one preset alarm and a fixed snooze time. Unfortunately apple doesn't seem to care & Ical 7 isn't even listed in  the web form anymore. It seems abandoned.


    I miss to be able to set the preferences more flexible:

    * At least to 2 alarms

    (like in my case one a day prior and another on an hour prior to the event),

    * or to preset in the settings a snooze

    which sets of 1 hour before the event - or 23 hours later.

    Another possibility would be to allow users to instantly choose the snooze durations (not as convenient as my first solution, because each time I would have to click a few times to accomplish my goal).


    - Feedback end -


    Unfortunately the apple form only allowed me to enter ical until version 4 and also the web form was designed in a way to not allow more characters then the ones posted above.
    The feedback after posting on the website itself was:
    Thank you for your feedback on iCal.

    We cannot respond to you personally, but please know that your message has been received and will be reviewed by the iCal Team. If we need to follow up with you on your ideas for improving iCal, we will contact you directly.
    We appreciate your assistance in making iCal better.
    iCal Team Apple

    I just post this to let you know how much apple cares - should anything change I will personally come here again and reply to this post,
    but if not, it means that this problem persisted since summer 2012
    and apple is more concerned in increasing their own power
    * by having the most powerful patent portfolio in consumer electronics,
    * cheap labour outsourcing,
    * passing on our personal information to the US-gov (by the means of the intel chips and iCloud) and
    * cashing in on artists works (by ensuring that their automated machine gets significant more than what musicians, writers and programmers put in manually)
    rather than customer support.

    I am writing this as someone who was once the biggest apple fan on earth at the time when the global players were still concerned with costumers.