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  • James Humberstone Level 1 Level 1

    You can export ics files which most calendar programs can import and export. iCal/Calendar is a pretty full-featured Calendar app so I'd think twice before moving everything over, though.


    Someone mentioned BusyCal in a previous post, and that will import your iCal/Calendar stuff. Plus it can use iCloud or Google Calendar etc. so you don't have to leave whatever you're using.


    But it's not free.


    A quick search of the App Store shows a few more Calendars that will import from Calendar or support iCloud etc. E.g. Fantastical ( or Calendar Plus (


    Personally I'm still expecting this to get fixed, and I do like iCal/Calendar, so I'll wait a while longer!

  • jgoff87 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, Julatron, there is a way to import iCal data. After your post I did a little research and by simply clicking on Lightning's "Events and Tasks" and selecting "Import" I was easily able to import my iCal data. I learned something new in the process: previously the iCal backups I was performing was creating ".icbu" files. Lightning required ".ics" files. I think the icbu file backs up all the iCal calendars and the ics only backs up the selected calendar. I only have one so I never made the distinction. Anyway, all of my iCal data has now been imported to Lightning and so far it is working great! I think James Humberstone mentioned he was going to wait for a fix because he likes iCal, and I couldn't agree more, James. I like iCal, also. But I'm going to use Lightning until they get that fix in place. Thanks EVERYONE for the great tips, helps, advice, and assistance!

  • One13Truck Level 1 Level 1

    I like the new reminders for things like: "Need bread at the store tonight" or something like that. But for things like birthdays/anniversaries/appointments and other important things that I want a reminder of a week or two ahead with the ability to be reminded again a day or two before the changes they have made have made the iCal useless. I too am holding out hope that Apple finally fixes this and brings it back to how it once was.


    For now I'm also going to try Thunderbird. I really don't care about the email part to Thunderbird so that will be minimized once I get in and tweak it but in playing around with lightning it looks like it'll at least be a somewhat decent option to use until Apple hopefully gets things restored. Between this and the FB alerts I'm getting a bit tired of having to build workarounds until things are fixed. Of course the FB one is FB and not Apple but still just as frustrating.

  • One13Truck Level 1 Level 1

    After messing around with Thunderbird for the afternoon I'm not in any hurry to stop using iCal permanently. I'll keep Thunderbird for the ability to be able to use the different snooze settings again. But if Apple ever decides to fix this mistake they made and restore the snooze to the way it should be Thunderbird will be gone as soon as that update is installed. I guess that has to be good enough for now. 

  • baconwrapped Level 1 Level 1

    I took your and others' suggestions to try BusyCal, downloaded the free trial and overall liked it, enough that after a couple of weeks decided to go ahead and purchase it ($49)... all good. Then just TWO days later got notice from them of a new version, available to all users (old and new) for $29 from the Apple app store. I griped that given I'd only just paid for the old version and wondered if they could give a free upgrade. Instead they gave me a full refund and said I should just buy the new version. Not what I'd asked for but arguably a better deal.


    BUT.... then I looked into the new version and saw that it is designed to integrate with Mountain Lion Notifications! In other words: THE SAME SNOOZE DEFICIENCIES. No option for snooze duration at all... I believe you can set a default snooze length, but that's it.


    So I wound up re-purchasing the OLD BusyCal, version 1.6, and will again wait out whatever time for Apple to add a customizable snooze back in... or until something better comes along that integrates smoothly with Mail and Safari.

  • Robert Karty Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the upate.


    I considered BusyCal when I saw they'd lowered the price, but glancing at their site, I had a hunch that the snooze duration wasn't customizable.  I'm sorry to learn that I was correct!  (So, just to verify, Busycal 1.6 DOES have the variable snooze time?)


    This limitation in OS 10.8 is just breathtakingly, bang-your-head-against-the-wall stupid.

  • baconwrapped Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, BusyCal 1.6 has a variable snooze. Not quite as easy as the old iCal version, but adequate. You can buy it (or, better, get the free trial) here:


  • One13Truck Level 1 Level 1

    Thunderbird seems to be working decent enough for me until this is fixed. I'd say there's no way I'm going to pay or use a "free trial" version of something that I used to have already in use but I'd be lieing. Since this happened I did spend a few $ and went out and bought a cheap paper calander I put by the computer to write all this stuff in. I'll wait on the Apple fix this or keep with the paper calanders.

  • j-rad Level 1 Level 1

    Must... leave... feedback....



    I've left it a couple times on this issue.  Today I said that I'm being forced to consider using MS Office for mail, calendar and contacts.  And that if I did this, the major incentives for staying on a Mac are greatly reduced... and that it might even push me (and the organizations I manage) back to Windows altogether.


    I refuse to concede that we've lost this functionality permanently. However, our only shot is if everyone on this thread submits feedback to Apple.  It's like politics.  If one person writes their congressman, they translate it to mean that thousands of people must feel that way.



  • avantsweater Level 1 Level 1

    This is literally the only reason I haven't upgraded my family's computers to Mountain Lion, my mom uses this feature ALL the time. Weird that it's not even an option anylonger.

  • Hawfinch Level 1 Level 1

    Development of Thunderbird has been discontinued, according to the MacUpdate page, so that may not be the ideal solution.


    Very annoying that this "design bug" in Mountain Lion has not been fixed yet, and it's the sole reason I'm staying with Lion on my MacBook. I basically run my life on snoozed calendar events.


    The only way I can deal with the constant popups in Mountain Lion is by clicking on them (anywhere except the Snooze and Close buttons), which opens the event in Calendar, and then entering a new alarm time. But that's a lot of bother for something that used to be so easy.

  • Tnapal Level 1 Level 1

    What has made Apple for 5 months for our problems?

    Why don't they listen to the users?

    How do they make to work with this defective system of snooze?

    It is a shame!

    They never answer to our feedback.

  • Julatron Level 1 Level 1

    x2 about leaving feedback.


    Though saying that, Ive left feedback on more than one occasion already.


    I still cant get my head around how anyone could have thought this kind of cripple-change would be a step up. Really, is there not just some scripts that could  be added to make it a whole lot more useable???

  • Terry Plowman Level 1 Level 1

    When I go to the Apple feedback form, there's no place to insert a comment. When I try to send my info, it generates an error message that I have not inserted a comment! Where is the comment box?

  • j-rad Level 1 Level 1


    This page has a box for you to comment on iCal/Calendar.

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