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In OS X Lion Server we had the awesome server admin tools, which gave a very nice gui for configuring the firewall and port forwarding.


Now that all of these goodies are gone, I have absolutely no idea how to set up port forwarding on the new server.


In Lion server admin tools there was a section where you could simply checkbox port forwarding (with the option to enable port forwarding along with NAT). This enabled me to use my VPN as a proxy as well, since it passed all web traffic to connected users.


Now when I connect to my VPN, my internet access is cut off. I also can't access other computers on my VPN's LAN.


How do I configure this in 10.8?

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    No, that didn't help. Whenever I enable internet sharing, it just kills all internet access. Obviously not working as intended.


    I have tried playing around with it, but nothing works.


    Sharing ethernet connection to computers using ethernet kills all wan and lan access.

    Sharing wifi connection to computers using ethernet kills all wan and lan access.


    My setup is to use the ethernet interface for the VPN (the router routes all VPN traffic to my mac mini's ethernet port), and then to use the mac mini's wifi for internet access.


    So logically I should have all of this working when I enable internet sharing and share the conneciton from wifi to computers using ethernet.


    But its a no-go.


    I have also tried messing around with the service order, giving priority to wifi or ethernet. When wifi is at the top, I get internet access on my mac mini, but it is no longer accessable through VPN. If I prioritize ethernet, then I lose all internet access on the mac mini and the VPN is available only over LAN.


    I have tried disabling the firewall. Did not help.


    I have tried moving the VPN IP range to the same IP range of the main router. Did not help.


    Can we roll back to OS X 10.7 through a time capsule restore? The 10.8 server update is trash.

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    Ok, I got it working. For anyone who is having the same problems with VPN, here is what got it working step by step:


    1) Install OS x 10.8

    2) Delete all transfered network interfaces.

    3) Add ethernet and wifi interfaces again.

    4) Go to internet sharing. Disable.

    5) While in internet sharing, click share your connection from "Wifi", to computers using "Ethernet".

    6) Turn on internet sharing.

    7) Open the Server app.

    8) Go to VPN -> Client addresses (click edit...)

    9) Make sure that your "starting at" IP is in the same range as your LAN. So, if you router is at and your server is at, set your VPN range for something like Note that if you set 192.168.2.x for your VPN range, you will not get internet access forwarding and you will not be able to view lan resources while using VPN without additional configurations.

    10) Click ok. While the VPN window is still open, click on DNS Settings (edit...)

    11) Add your router as the name server for connected clients. In my case

    12) Click ok and the "restart vpn".


    Now everything should be working just as it was in 10.7 lion server

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    Does this work for just plain old NAT?

    Having nightmares here!!


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    Why to re-install OS X 10.8 in first step?

    before step 1, is your mac running ML Server already?