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    I'm afraid that we all will wait 'til Logic X (if ever happens) comes out in order to make the final decission if to switch or not. Correct me if wrong...


    I think that until a solution or a new Logic solves our worries (or not...)(at this point I don't thik we will) we should help each other preparing ourselves for that possibility.


    I would kindly ask to those already working on different DAWs the pros and cons they have vs Logic.

    This could be an inmense help to everyone of us!


    Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer and Cubase are the possible scenario. It is imposible to buy and check them all...Learning curves are steep in every case.


    This could even be of help to our fantastic developer team at Apple, so they can realize what's missing...


    What do u think?


    BTW, Apple made a real mess this time with core audio and video drivers and hardware. Not only Logic is suffering from this. Many games, audio cards, even Skype are having audio and video issues, glitches, etc... Check the forums or google it!!!



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    Steven W Ross wrote:


    Ok, so now i'll say it. Cubase 7 works (to quote Larry David) "pretty, pretty good."  It's much more than that. It's downright slick in so many ways. 


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    Thanks Pancenter for the article -cubase-7. I'll read it but assume it's good.  I have had a couple of crashes.  I tend to challenge my software and gear to the limits- mostly because I'm undiciplined, hasty and stupid. I work with my ears, and don't use my brain.  In any case, this is more stable than any earlier version of Cubase I can recall on any platform.  It is onically gorgeous, in as far as the reverbs, compressors, and open in an overall way somehow.


    I should note, if anyone cares, that have not kept my profile (equipment) current, but I should clarify for whoever cares.  I have een using an MR816CSX for my interface, which is good and has the advantage of an "Editor app" and an "extension" that takes over in Cubase.  I use a Universal Audio 4-710d for my most important four inputs, and they play nicely together.  The MR is also pretty good when used correctly. But the 4-710's clock makes an incredible difference.  With Logic there have been all kinds of probems, especially with exisiting sessions / projects started before the UA.  I beleive this is a Core Audio  Logic issue- where VST may have once been an issue it now is an important layer. It allows for reconfguring where Logic cannot. As I write earlier- and in a different thread, I have experinced a nightmare with tracks and audi regions getting reassigned that dwarfs the "Lag" problem.  No apparent reason, no solution.  Nonsense from support. But that's another story and I've already had a comment deleted.  I'll keep this about the "lag."         


    For the most part I have utmost respect for Apple's support people.  So I should also say, the company (both Yamaha and Steinberg parts) is exceptional in many ways. I realize this is a much smaller company and not dealing with an OS, servers, TV and a music and app store.  Steinberg's people are experts to the point of freaky.  I have grown to know a few of them pretty well over the years- partially because I had problems, but also because I had questions.  I believe they've got systems in place to tet and also to fix things correctly at ths point.  I do not knw developers but I do "feel" that the deveopment and support team and scheme is why Cubase 7 is so good. 


    It is such a pleasure to produce music on that I LOVE "working" again.  Ok then...  

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    Cubase 7 has a workflow that makes me headache.

    Logic has no rival. Definitely needs a refresh, but it remains the best DAW available from long time: inspiration, speed and "logic".

    The innovations introduced by Cubase 7 are things that don't enhances the pleasure of working within that system, in fact, has introduced new graphics and option that degrade the user experience, I think.

    I work for many years on both Cubase and Logic. Again today with strong conviction: Logic is the best DAW on the market. I await only those small improvements needed in the audio field. Maybe Logic X? I Hope.

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    Feels like the GarageBand 11 is prokit issue in disguise.

    But this time we need to pay extra dollars. 

    Coz warranty expired.

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    Even though we have moved on to Ableton I did enjoy the mixing of logic and all of its native plugins. Other than that Ableton has been very easy to work with and the layout of native plugins at the bottom of the screen is a blessing. Also, turning off the default time stretching in Ableton and working from arrangement mode has yielded surprising results sonically. Using the Native EQ and Compressor we seem to achieve a more rich sound much faster than Logic. For our style of music this is very helpful. Most of the tools and tricks in Ableton cater more to the electronic EDM users. If i was doing live band music I would be bummed without Logics mixing.


    Logic X? I’m sure we will see a new Ipad, Ipod, and Iphone before Logic X comes out. I bet Logic will still have the same bug after the next wave of iPads and iPods. Priorities are in mobility. That being said they are amazing.  We love the Ipad and its creative functions. Maybe that’s Apples Logic X?

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    I have been follwoing this thread and have been experincing such an incredible array of problems working with Logic, this "lag" issue is minor by comparison.  I purchased a support case for the worst of my issues (the randowm reassgning of tracks, aux buses and randonly silent audio regions).  After two calls-in seeking help to no avail, I finally made progress and wanted to share it in the hope it may help someone here. 


    Today Logic decided to rescan my plugins for no reason.  I called support, and spoke with a very smart person who helped me diagnose the (other) problem.  But I beleive it also fixed the lag.  Someting in or about my user account has been causing Logic to behave poorly.  I was advised to set up a test user, log out, then into it, open Logic and then open one of the problem files.  Initally I couldn't imagine that my user account could be involved.  But it was. 


    I re-saved the session with a new name (hoping the problems would disappear when I looged back in to my normal user account- but they were not gone.  By the way, there's a Logic cache in the user cache folder.  I trashed mine and it did not help.


    I'm not sure what it is about (or in) my user account that doesn't like Logic, but in the "test user" account I was able to finish my spot.  After I finished I realized something else.  No lag in a couple of hours. 


    I am going to set up a new admin account and migrate my stuff into it so I don't have to use the old user.


    I'm wondering if anyone else tried setting up a new user account, and runnng Logic from it.  I'd try the Logic sessions where you've experinced a lot of "lagging."  I dont' know it may seem silly but it may also be worth a try.     

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    I'm wondering if anyone else tried setting up a new user account, and runnng Logic from it.  I'd try the Logic sessions where you've experinced a lot of "lagging."  I dont' know it may seem silly but it may also be worth a try.     


    Hey Steven,


    I've gone through the whole "create a new administrative user" test. More than once. This was one of the first things the Logic tech suggested I do months ago. I spent a total of 5.5 hours on a Sunday speaking with 3 different Logic Pro techs.  It didn't fix the lag. Though my Mac Pro was only about a month old I wiped it clean and started from scratch. New first time user, Logic loaded fresh disk by disk, (not to mention all my Adobe Master Collection and 10 or 15 misc apps) then updated Logic, set Logic to start up in 64 bit mode, reparied all permissions via Disk Utility, Did a soft boot with the hidden system and repaired all ACL's, and then rebooted. Hello Lag.


    The update to logic a short while back did seem to help I have to say. But nowhere near the performance I had when using Logic Pro with Snow Leopard. Man I do miss Snow Leopard with Logic. Sweet, fast, responsive, clean and powerful.


    Very frustrating to say the very least. I'm afraid I've all but given up. It's been well over a year...going on two. I was optomistic when it first occoured. On the phone with many Logic techs many times. Staying up late reload this, repairing that, testing with, testing without. "I CAN FIX THIS, IT'S JUST A GLITCH I JUST KNOW IT!"


    In the end (and yes I'd like some cheese with my whine) but it came down to this for me....


    I simply can't care more about Logic Pro than Apple does.

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    Why didn't you simply switch back to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (as your hardware can handle it unlike most of the newer Macs these days) and use 9.1.5 as that is the most stable configuration to date?


    What am I missing here?

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    Can't. Bought a 2012 Mac Pro. :^/


    Have to have it's capabilities with the video work I also do.


    And this shouldn't have to.

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    Hey, MadDog15


    I'm in the same boat as you, having bought the same model Mac Pro.  But I was assured by tech support (specifically Jay) at Apogee that you can run 10.6 on a mid 2012 Mac Pro.  I was actually considering buying a fourth internal drive just for Snow Leopard, but it seems crazy to have to stick with a 2 version old OS.   Seems like fighting a losing battle over time as software becomes incompatible.  But just to let you know, he did tell me they had a 2012 Mac Pro running 10.6.8 in their work place with no problems. 

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    BTW, Nobody in other DAWs (Including Studio One that supports AU plug ins) have reported that issue.

    This is something specific to LOGIC's AU window graphics management, even though our wonderful team says it's Mountain Lion's team fault...



    The problem appears onlywhen you open the plug in window. And it seems to me that is worse when the plugin has got animations on it. The more, the worse...


    There are certain game companies that warn that some NVidia card model installed in some Apple machines won't run the game (and it is not a processing power issue)...I wonder why?



    BTW, Do we have any lawyers here? I'd like to learn a bit about consumer legal rights....

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    I've heard that Reaper has shown lag issues in Mountain Lion. 

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    BTW, I too had a terrible glitch a few times where a mix would be deformed mysteriously, or midi instruments would suddenly be emptied of their instruments and settings.  Even one where the midi files themselves changed key.  I haven't had a Logic glitch like that in about a year, so knocking on wood, but yeah... Logic has certainly not been a fun ride for some time now.

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    Yesterday, I started having this problem with a fresh install of Studio One 2.5. Also (having not experienced true much trouble of late) Logic has really started playing up again on both my MBP Retina and 2009 iMac (both running Mountain Lion).


    Clearly, those sneaky little automatic updates (which I do have turned on) are doing something to mess Logic up. I could turn them off, I know.....but I prefer to think that, when I pay Apple money for computers and software, the two might work together without my having to tiptoe around.


    (EDIT: Also, re: Studio One: it is just plain unusable with a lot of AUs. Crash-happy, yet Presonus' support team are adamant there's no problem.)

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