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    Yes.. initially it was thought it could be hardware related in some way but since then it has been found, not to be the case as highlighted in the example I gave....


    Easy mistake to make given how the info has not be forthcoming from Apple....

  • SimonB76 Level 1 (0 points)

    10.8.3 was just released - just downloading now to see how things go.  Make sure you do a backup first though.

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  • MonbazaTAIWAN Level 1 (0 points)

    they say they fix some no response problem caused by some Logic Pro's plug-ins.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 (30 points)

    Key word is "some"... it didn't fix a derned thing for me, unfortunately.  As soon as I installed successfully and restarted I opened a song that I've been working on which is REALLY simple - 32 tracks, nearly all audio.  It's also plug-in simple.  I started working with no plugin windows open.  Opened Channel EQ:  no problem.  Clicked on the analyzer and UCK!!!!  TERRIBLE LAG! 


    Extraordinarily disappointing.  From another thread I've read that lots of people are reporting the lag has been fixed on their system.  Not sure how a sporadic bug can be considered wiped out within a day's use, but anyway, on a non-Apple thread in SCOREcast: London a friend reported also no fix after update.  So it's not just me.


    Really disappointed with Apple right now.


    I'm going to try and download the Combo update next and see if that makes a difference. Fingers crossed.

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    I've also been having this UI lag problem for ages, especially with mulitple plug in windows open, and even more especially with 3rd party plugs it sometimes freezes for up to 30secs, then all happens at once.

    I think I found something that has helped a lot:


    I ran a piece of software called Onyx that seems to clean out a lot of junk from the OS.
    I ran most of the options but especially the cache clean ups.


    At the same time I trashed all the Logic prefs.


    Now I have yet to see any serious lags, hopefully I haven't spoken too soon, it could be that I'm also much more carefiul about which and how many plugs I have open at once, but really it seems a lot better for me. I opened about 10 plug in windows yesterday and no lag, which I'm pretty sure was usually a recipe for disaster.


    Interested to see if this helps anyone else out.


    Time Machine backup before running Onyx please, just in case


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    Worked in Logic for 5 hours yesterday I a large session with no issues. Used analyzes, eq, all of the problem children. Give me another week, and I'll be happier.


    Definitely use cocktail or onyx to clean the drive. I would also suggest downloading the combo updater instead of using the App Store.


    It was a pleasure to be able to work again. There still seem to be a couple of issues with UAD, but I will test more.



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    OP here... I started a new project this afternoon after running the 10.8.3  Combo updater.


    I have not noticed the same stalling that I had before (although I haven't used it long enough to say it's totally gone).  However, I am now experiencing some button-push lag and sluggish analizer graphics in most common plugins that I use (Channel EQ, Z-Noise).  There's perhaps about a 500mS lag on plugin button pushes like turning on or off a band in the EQ, and the analizer seems like it's running at maybe half (or less) the frame-rate that it normally would (even in high detail), so it's much less useful for pinpointing specific frequencies visually, which is a real drag (no pun).


    Finally, I noticed at least on this project (which was just 2 tracks of VO and 3 stereo music tracks - very simple stuff and only a handful of plugins and one Space Designer on an aux), the when jumping around a lot (it's a 50min program), there's sometimes about a 500mS+ lag on starting playback.  This along with the plugin button lag makes me think that the system is doing some kind of extra buffer filling to help avoid the previous stalling/lag problems.  I guess this is a better trade-off, but now the entire app feels a tad sluggish.  Ugh!

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    "...there's sometimes about a 500mS+ lag on starting playback"


    I thought it was just me..I think I'm experiencing a simular lag on playback too.  The cursor really doesn't match whats being played in terms of midi or audio.  It's noticeable but not annoying as such. Probably because I'm so used to Snow Leopard as I did a backup then upgraded to 10.8.3 from SL.

  • Mark Lindsey Level 2 (150 points)

    Let me clarify SimonB76:


    I'm not noticing (I dont' think - I'll check it on my next audio starting in a few minutes) an ongoing playback lag, as in a sync issue, but rather, there's a short delay from the time I hit the spacebar, to the time Logic starts playback.  It only seemed to happen when I was say on one end of a project and jumped a large distance (say 10-20 minutes into the file) and then clicked play again.


    I have to do more testing to see if this always happens when jumping around, or just perhaps the first time any given region is played.  I lave a large podcast to meticulously edit next, so I should know more soon.

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    I have been following this for a few months now. I have the same issue with logic audio tracks. I have not downloaded 10.8.3 yet. I am waiting to see what the general consensus is after a week or 2.


    But what I want to ask is if anyone else has noticed that the audio in Photobooth videos lags as well. For example, I have tried recording several videos since upgrading to mountain lion. The audio rarely syncs with the video even remotely closely. And the amount of audio lag varies as well. I have had anywhere from 2 second delays,  all the way up to 15 seconds plus. The delay often occurs live while recording. It also occurs in playback, even when I open the file in another program.


    I don't know as much as most of you do about this, but it seems to me like that could be a related issue. So I am interested to see if anyone else with the logic issue has this as well.

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    I too have been following this thread for months! When 10.8 came out and I heard it had ironed out some kinks from 10.7 I decided why not update my seemingly old 10.6.8 to ML and take advantage of the "performance advances I'd seen from SL/L comparisons on YouTube. BAD DECISION!!! And I knew better too than to jump from a stable platform to a new bug ridden piece of garbage disguised as ML that I grew to hate after maybe 1 full, or should I say "wasted" day trying to compromise with the lag. 10.8.2 was what I'd upgraded to, and the following day, started the degrade process back to SL, which with all the system writing/re-writing On a brand new SSD I'd saved specifically for a fresh install of ML, left me all but wishing we as users could collectively fire whoever pushed 10.8.2 out to the public. Ahh


    Ranting aside I did like the features in ML, the subtle refinements I desired and have been waiting for Apple to put out 10.8.3. Seriously I was checking everyday for the update and the 160+ days it took. It came out and with 90% positive reviews (or was it the 90% lack of frustrated raving.) decided to try it again.


    After a fresh install, combo update, time machine migration, and onyx, Logic 9.1.8 and ML 10.8 are a go for me.

    I do notice the minor lag as described above, but it is nothing compared to the previous experience. And even SL had some weird issue in regards to, "Disk Too Slow" or the even more frustrating "Need to Unpack Folders" (when I didn't even have any. Pause/play was faster with SL but I'm definitely content now. I even think the processor performance is a tad better in ML when it comes to handling all the plugins! Loved 10.6.8, Hated 10.8.2, and growing to be just as fond of 10.8.3.


    Now Apple could you keep the up the momentum and do just a "minor" update to ML, Logic, whatever it needs to make it as snappy as 9.1.8 was on 10.6.8? Then everything would be perfect in the apple world... At least in the Audio Production side of the apple world...


    Oh and be able to set user choice of sample rate. I'm always having to manually change it to 48k... Sorry gettin off the focus there. I don't want to overwhelm your best programmers with too much to handle! Lol

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    problem is not solved in 10.8.3

    really disappointed

  • Tobias Köppel Level 1 (0 points)

    when i work in 64 Bit everything works perfectly even with some plugins in the 32 Bit audio unit Bridge, in 32 Bit it is still laging like always since Lion even with update 10.8.3

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    Yeah I still have the lag too. It seems to be slightly less than before. It definitely still there. How can 2 updates come out which apparently fix the problem but still affect several users!?!

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