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    Are you running Logic in 64bit mode or 43bit?

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    I been using ableton for the last few months, actually since last September, but have always loved logic, mainly because how familiar i am with the layout and superb mixing.


    I got the new apple update and tried to give Logic another go to see if the issues are resolved. It took me awhile because i forgot all my shortcut keys, trying to do easy things in Ableton dont translate to logic lol. Anyways, I did create a new project from scratch and within 10 minutes the Lag is back so nothing has been resolved. Thats cool since i just got Ableton 9 and its working great for me. Even though Ableont does not support retina i would rather just use that. Im going to Uninstall Logic 9 at this point since i could use the space on my hard drive.


    Maybe if they release a revolutionary Logic x that makes me want to jump ship i might. But if they still cannot fix this problem after so long, why would i trust them with a new product? Im thinking Apple has raised the white flag to the competition. In this aggressive market you must be competent in product support and new product. Support builds the trust of your clients, and new product keeps your employees paid, it drives the market. I dont see this from Logic. 

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    Trying to nail down why a couple of people are still having problems so...


    Are you running Logic in 32bit or 64bit? I am asking because there are reports that in 64bit mode Logic is now working fine but in 32bit mode, there are a couple of reports that the issue continues...


    Also, what plugins seemed to be causing the Lag on your setup? The default Logic ones like EQ etc.. or 3rd party ones like VTT?


    Btw.. I'm using Live 9 64bit (was Live 8 64bit) too and it has it's benefits for sure but like yourself, there is simply some projects that that the workflow in Live just doesn't work in my favor.. (and vice versa depending on the type of Project..)

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    That should have read '64bit mode or 32bit mode....'

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    I had the lag problem really badly, to the point where I couldn't continue with several projects. The new update has made things usable again. Rather than hanging for 30 secs to 2 mins with every knob change, it's now a couple of secs max before control comes back.


    It does still feel like you're roller skating on ice though.


    Button presses don't work straight away, you click a few times, then control comes back, but again hangs and toggles on-off, on-off until it's caught up. Additionally, I now get a new error I haven't had before, "No memory available for recording". This was just to record midi.


    I am incredibly relieved that I can finish some work, but there's no doubt this is the worst hardware / software experience I have ever enountered on any system I've ever used. I will never see Apple in the same light again.


    I am incredulous that Apple haven't sorted this yet.


    Why on Earth aren't they beta testing with people in this thread with the problem.

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    Hey, 32 bit ATM as I still run Reason 3.0 which will only re-wire in 32. Didn't even think to try it in 64 to see if it resolved the lag! Will try tomorrow ta.


    So do people still have the issue in 64? Or is it solely 32bit?

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    That is what i am trying to establish as several people who ran Logic in 32bit mode have reported the lag issue still exists..... but in 64bit mode it vanished...


    See Tobias Köppel's report in this thread for an example of this..


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    Just using 32bit. Usually see locks with LFO tool and Vengence MBC " Multiband Compressor". I never run 64bit since i dont have memory issues and the gain in CPU is not worth the VST bridge headache.

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    By the way, sijam11, you can run both Logic and Reason in 64 but, and rewire will then flip over to a 64bit bridge between the programs.


    There are still some issues I am working on with the environment to see if the 64bit version is working yet, but so far I am having few problems. The 32bit bridge also seems more stable at the moment, and most plugin manufacturers that I use have switched to 64bit. I find running Logic in 64bit seems more stable.

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    MBC (and to be honest the rest of their lineup) is a known plugin that causes all kinds of weird issues in modern versions of Logic.. It's very old and out of date (in terms of development) and that in itself, might account for what's going on...


    LFO Tool is also one of those plugins that seems to crop up every so often, in regards to various problems in Logic and in the main the problem with that plugins seems to revolve around their eLicenser implementation... though I did hear someone comment that it's been much more stable since he installed the latest eLicenser software update... but it was just him saying that and i haven't come across anyone else confirming this to be the case...


    Do you get the lag issue if you don't use either of those plugins?


    Also, as 'ninja' stated, the bridge is much more stable these days... though personally I never have a need for it now that most of the plugins i use are 64bit enabled and for the remaining couple of 32bit ones I use VEP5 to run them in, which is rock solid.

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    the strange thing about the lag is that the Mackie Control is still working, only the Mouse and the keyboard isn't responding


    on the Mackie Control i change parameters and in the Plugin i can see what i do right know like it should be, and at same moment with the mouse i have no chance to change any parameter till i press stop on the Mackie control, space on the keybord isn't working to stop, really ****** up


    happily i got the Mackie Control, i can load every Plugin, Attempt every Parameter in the Plugin so the work still flow

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    Are you still taking about 32bit mode Tobias... or is this happening for you in 64bit mode now as well? (Given what you said in your earlier post about 64bit working fine)

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    I am running Logic Pro in 64 bit mode and this update did squat for my lag issue.  I've had a 20 second lag after 15 minutes of usage after the update.  I'm actually happy to hear that it's the same for others, although of course I wish with all my heart that Apple would have fixed this for everyone.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 (30 points)

    I ONLY work in 64 bit mode and my lag issue is still there, as bad as before.  It does feel different, but certainly not better.

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    Just so there is no confusion...


    It seems it is not the same for others.. If you read through carefully, those having the issue still, seem to be, for the most part, running Logic in 32bit mode which you apparently are not doing so. Those running Logic in 64bit mode are not reporting any further issues to any such degree..


    As an example of what i mean, the last 4 people reporting a contuation of the problem here are all reporting it in Logic 32bit mode..


    Tobias, Mark, sijam11 and (confirmed in another thread) Andrew... are all reporting the problem in 32bit mode.. Tobias, when he switched to 64bit mode then reported Logic worked perfectly...


    As I said in our other exchange, I think your issue is something else entirely... so, did you take those steps we spoke about and what happened?

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