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  • Mediasaloon Level 1 Level 1

    Hands up too!


    1) Mac Pro 2008 8-core 3.0GHz 16GB - SSD - OSX 10.8.3 - Logic 9.1.8 (still 75% lag with e.g. analyzers)

    2) Mac Pro 2010 4-core 2.66Ghz 16GB - OSX 10.8.3 - Logic 9.1.8 (still 50% lag with e.g. analyzers)


    Please Apple. We've sold 50 Macs to our students because we believe(d) in your company. We even have cover this problem for our professional customers....

  • Steven W Ross Level 1 Level 1

    I no longer have any lag.  Also my radomly changing bus issues now seem gone.  I've continued to follow this thread because I thought I'd be able to contribute at some point and because you're all touching on many good points in general.  Here are the actions I have taken over time.  I am not sure which is any helped - and see at least a few other randowmlt fixed cases.


    1- i no longer use Time Machine when working w audio. my Time Capsule is not wi-fi, but connected to ethernet, but it should not be runing when working w real time applications.


    2- i also turn off any other background apps. you can see which open when you log on in the preferecnes, accounts, users. only have essential apps open.


    3- i no longer use any 32-but plugins. the 32-bit bridge does'nt open.  i deleted these from their folders.  old apple plug-ins included.  the only one that hangs a little upon launcing Logic is AUNetReceive. It id disabled so i'm not sure why it even show up in new sessions, and i'd love ot know what it was, and why the app still looks for it. but it apprears before working. 


    4-  it seems older sessions that i re-use, like old music beds for new radio spots from older version of Logic, are more problematic.  i created some new templates from sctatch.  i small investment in time may have helped.


    5- i was using a seemingly cool but idiotic USB control surface by novation.  i got it for transport but it controlled plugins and half the space program.  that's when the lag started for me.   and stayed with Logic afterwards.  never a problem w Cubase though. But I returend it after a week of trying.  I trashed my Logic cache and prefs- and a file with ".cs" extension that recalls control surfaces.   I suggest deleting this file.


    6- make sure you have the latest versions of any plug-ins, especually Waves.


    7- I no longer use Kontakt. i'd export and re-route midi from that app. It's not even fully supported at this time (i think).  


    8- if possible, try Freezing tracks that ahve a lot of plug-ins, especially the EQ that seems to be an issue. But this may reveal information about the lag. 


    9- save a satey that you can go back to if a re-opned Logic session lags wen newly opened. 


    Has anyone, everyone looked into these steps?


    I'm runing a bunch UA plugins with a Quad accelerator card, around 300 Waves v9 plug-ins (the recent versions always). Again, no old Apple AU plugins. Nothing else.  


    Hope this helps. 

  • battlegimp Level 1 Level 1

    I most definitely still have the issue here.


    Was much better initially and is ok with new simple projects. But can be almost as bad as before. Exiting Logic and going back in 'clears' the issue to some extent, but after using the plugin controls for a while it all comes back again.


    Even the mute and solo buttons can take several seconds to respond once the issue starts.


    Stopping playback is still much better than before, but everything else is still terrible.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    Folks, it can't be stated enough:  file a feedback report and contact AppleCare about the lag.  Apple needs to be made aware that professionals are still having issues and we need this all fixed.


  • MadDog15 Level 1 Level 1

    Still laging.


    Feedback submitted.(Again)


    You're right Fredo. Everyone should go to emediately. Coming here to toss ideas around with each other is fine. BUT we should do that after we file "official" feedback to Apple...daily. (Not that I'm trying to tell anyone what to do but "strength in numbers.")

  • hypnotik Level 1 Level 1

    Steven where do you remove the old stock Apple 32 bits plugins (aupitch etc) ? IS it in the audio unit manager or you can delete physcally those files ?

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 Level 4

    Are people seeing the lag on both 64 and 32 bit mode, or just one or the other?

  • Steven W Ross Level 1 Level 1

    hypnotik- (sorry for leaving out this was a reply) -


    Look in Macinotsh HD | Audio | Plug-ins.  You'll see folders for the various plugin formats, plus Components. I would suggest disbaling all candiates inside Logic's Plug-In [AU manager] first. I'd do it from a clean start of the app, and then quit out.  Maybe a system restart couldn't hurt.  The old AU Apple plugins will appear up top. 


    I have to try and look for where the AU plug-ins reside.  Maybe some on this thread knows. I saw your post while working in a Cubase project so I'll chk to see if the locations are visible in the AU manger.  I think the filenames all start with "AU." I know they're still here but can't find any of them. Weird.   Sorry, I tried to search the HDD but not sure what they're called.  I'll try to look soon when I break from this project. 


    By the way, I'd like to commend Steinberg for Cubase 7, which is a beautifully designed and executed DAW.  I still use Logic a lot and it has its advantages so I'm happy it's been very stable over the last month (knock on wood)  -- by the way, before 10.8.3 on this. 


    Anyhow, I think disabling will work though.  I used to work with Peak, for instance. It was a nice stereo editing and msstering app by BIAS Software (they closed doors last year) that never reached the 64-bit standard.  I sometimes will opn a file in Peak just to visually see and reference waves, so I disabled the files, and colored its plug-ins grey but left them in Components the folder.  


    There's also a similar setup in your User Library.


    By the way, also look in Audio folder for MIDI drviersand devices and delete anything that's old and you don't use. Same with old FW drivers etc. I'd delete them all, provided you know you'll lnever need them. 


    Also There are a few apps for cleaning caches.  I like Cocktail, but there is at least one AU cache, if not several.  This type of thing helps with many issues, such as fonts.  I'd say it's worthwhile to do.


    Hope this helps. Let me know if you still need AU plugin locations. 


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  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Thanks Fredo (for the info on K5 and PIB)..


    Also +1 on your comments (along with MadDogs) to use the feedback form...


    That seems to be one of the only two ways (the other is to call them: see note below)  to inform Apple directly of this issue and get it noted somewhere....


    Finally, also call Apple Support (even if you have done so in the past) and report the issue to them...and get them to give you a Case ID for this specific issue.. and use this in every correspondence you have with them be it emails or calls or feedback reports... Case IDs are what Apple uses to correlate data over both time and numerically... so getting one issued and using it every time you contact them about this problem, is a 'good idea',.

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    Mediasaloon wrote:


    Hands up too!


    1) Mac Pro 2008 8-core 3.0GHz 16GB - SSD - OSX 10.8.3 - Logic 9.1.8 (still 75% lag with e.g. analyzers)

    2) Mac Pro 2010 4-core 2.66Ghz 16GB - OSX 10.8.3 - Logic 9.1.8 (still 50% lag with e.g. analyzers)


    Please Apple. We've sold 50 Macs to our students because we believe(d) in your company. We even have cover this problem for our professional customers....

    Unfortunately, this plea will go unheeded as this is a user forum.

    Don't make it a cry in the wilderness, get a hold of the people who can do something about it.


    Either call Apple or go to this link and file a report. (hint: a call often carries more weight)


  • Bill Robin Level 1 Level 1

    Hands up here too, still got the dreaded lag.


    I spoke too soon, while it looked like it was fixed after updating to 10.8.3 after a day or two it's nearly as bad as ever, not quite as bad, but bad enough.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Those that have the lag still, can you pease confirm if you are running Logic in 64bit or 32bit mode?If you are running in one mode, please test in the other and note any changes.  Also, if using both at different times.... do you notice any difference in performance between the two modes in regards to the lag?


    The reason for this info is that several people have commented how the lag is present as before, with Logic in 32bit mode but either gone completely or much less when running Logic in 64bit mode.. so it's worth knowing if this is the case for all or just some.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to hear that, Bill.  Apparently this second bug isn't as rare as Apple thinks. 


    Keep the show of hands coming folks!  And call tech support and get a support # generated, even if you'd done it before.  You don't have to actually engage in the time-consuming support.  I did it today and it took about 10 minutes.  As well, make sure to file a report!


    AofS, I think I'd mentioned before but I'm running Logic in 64bit mode.

  • battlegimp Level 1 Level 1

    32bit for me. I don't think my machine can run in 64bit mode. Or at least it crashed horribly when I tried.

  • fluffy Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't run into it yet since the 10.8.3 update but I also haven't been mastering since then either.  I have started a scoring project, though, and found that having video in my project made starts, stops, and seeks incredibly laggy when using H.264 (I asked the client to re-encode it as MJPEG and that's working a lot better, but still not as snappy as it could be).

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