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  • emulee Level 1 (0 points)

    worked for me...thanks.

  • kylejcorrigan Level 1 (0 points)

    my safari was unusable for months, and i tried almost all of the solutions and none worked.  I found out that Uninstalling Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client from my machine fixed my slow safari woes!!


    If you have this Cisco Product or anyother one, try removing them and see if it fixes it like it did for me.


    Hope this helps!

  • artbhelle Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi i followed all the steps but didn't work for me.. :( and they have a 4 choices.. Reinstall the ML, back up computer, get help,... Please help me... :( thanks..

  • MacAslan Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, i have to say, removal of the extensions was a red herring, as was the removal of the VPN client.  Recently, I got a new iMac, determined that the problem was some underlying problem that a squeaky-clean manual install would fix. 


    Well, on a newly zeroed-out hard drive on a blazing fast 2011 imac i5, 20GB RAM, fresh install of Mountain Lion, with just a handfull of run-of-the mill apps (office, iLife, etc.), unpredictably, Safari's progress bar freezes for about 15-20 seconds, then decides to load the page.  If at all.


    I cannot figure this out.  I am on Wi-Fi due to inconvenient ethernet wiring in this room of the house - do others with this problem experience drop-outs and hangs on "hard-wired" ethernet connections?  I have had 2 different ISP's in the last month, with the same problem, so I ruled that out.


    At this point, I am getting skilled at using Safari until it hangs, then switching to Chrome for the problem site, then switching back.  But this juggling act is wearing thin as I await the next Safari update to magically fix this annoying bug, right Apple?

  • rcancill Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you MacAslan,


    This certainly helped although it did not clear up the problem completely.  Safari is still way slow compared to Firefox, especially on certain web sites.

  • Allen Edwards Level 1 (70 points)

    Seems like everyone has a different reason and solution on why their Safari is slow.  I've been using Apple products since 1993 and have never experienced such a horrible web browser version as Safari 6.


    Apple Safari 6 is just a bad version period.  I've been forced to go to Chrome which has been no problem and MUCH faster.  It's pretty sad that a third-party company is able to design a browser better than apple.

  • rcancill Level 1 (10 points)



    Safari 6.0.2 on Mountain Lion is probably the worst software Apple has ever released!  I have no idea why they can't seem to get it right, but ...


    It remains slow, especially on certain sites, it freezes and has to be ended with Force Quit, and is just a mess...  I can't bring myself to use Google Chrome which I really dislike, and Firefox (which I used for years) is not that great and also has issues on the MAC! 


    It would seem that Apple would invest some time and effort into a product like Safari! 

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    Absolutely agree!


    I have spent hours trying to resolve the Safari Beachball of DoooooM! problem -  always thinking it was some other issue... Safari hangs, and then the Finder stalls, and then I make a cup of coffee while I wait for the Finder seizure to pass - then I read War and Peace and the Maharabata. Eventually everything settles - then I click on a bookmark in Safari and the whole merry-go-round re-occurs.


    When did the Apple coders leave their brains at home.


    Happy Firefox convert now.





    10.8.2  2.6GHz  Intel Core i5  (office machine)

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    I've tracked down my slowness issues to the Unity webplayer plugin.  Remove that from your "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins" directory if you have it installed.  Worked for me for both Safari and Firefox.


    Plugin source below:

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    I'm sorry but what did you do and exactly what did it fix?  Please be specific.  Thx.

  • guerrafa Level 1 (0 points)

    I had same issue on my iMac with 10.8.x , with latest update to 10.8.4 is resolved , issue seemed was the wifi - routers

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    I actually have a solution for this. You can download a application called safariSpeed. This is because Safari have a loading delay. If you download the application "SafariSpeed" from the web (not the app store). You can remove the delay and your safari will become faster. I used to have this problem but not anymore Hope this helps!

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    i'm having the same problems....i just upgraded to MT lion last night to install logic pro x( which i immediately regreted buying) and safari is now unable to open facebook and my 2nd gmail account......i guess they just want us to head over( with our wallets) to google

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    My Macbook Air has gotten so slow. It seem like people have tried 1000 things and nothing seems to work. Makes me want to go back to Dell.

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