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  • NullUnit Level 1 Level 1

    It has NOTHING to do with any specifc application.


    I get stuck and disappearing cursors at least once an hour while working in any number of applications. (Mac OS 10.7.5) The only fix seems to be move the cursor around a lot and click click click click until it comes back.


    This issue was NOT present in 10.6.8. And if I booot to 10.6 the issue goes away. 10.7.5 safe boot does not remove the issue eliminating the "third party conflict" idea entriely. Oh how I wish I could stick to 10.6.8. None of the more recent OS versions have been solid. NONE of them.


    This is a HORRIBLE issue in terms of productivity. It's like fighting with the system. Come on Apple, what are you folks doing there?





    And while I'm at it.. why is the Copy/Trash popup treated like a full window? It grabs window fucus away from what you may be working on. HORRIBLE OS issue. Seriously Apple, take a step back and build a solid OS, you haven't since 10.6. Do you REALLY think people need Maps on a Mac? Seriously? You're wasting time on pointless "features" and forgertting about the stability which built your customer base.

  • SteveKir Level 3 Level 3

    Tell Apple:



    Suggest that they look at this thread.

  • CT Level 6 Level 6

    Third party software conflict.

  • NullUnit Level 1 Level 1

    CT wrote:


    Third party software conflict.



    Not if it happens in Safe Boot.

  • Ed Horse Level 1 Level 1

    SteveKir wrote:

    Tell Apple:

    Suggest that they look at this thread.


    Ok, I reported this thread to apple support page.

  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X

    Maybe this discussion will help someone.


    Mouse Problems

  • RobertBurnsOB Level 1 Level 1

    How did you do that?!?  First of all, it isn't for the USA.  Second, at the link "If you need support for your Apple product please visit the Apple support site for assistance."  Third, also at the link "Apple welcomes your feedback on its products. To comment on a particular product line, visit the Apple Product Feedback page and select the appropriate link."  Obviously, your post is false.


  • RobertBurnsOB Level 1 Level 1

    I think that the recurring post of "Third party software conflict" is TROLL DRIBBLE. 

  • Luigi.T Level 1 Level 1

    I talked with a friend that its company collaborates and works with apple and adobe.

    He said that the worst parts of the problems were fixed (in last years/updates) - they were much worse - and they both call "fixed" this what we face.


    He suggests me that, a maybe solution, was to update manually the video card driver Nvidia, but I have an iMac with ATI(AMD) video card and it is impossibile to do that.


    If someone have a Nvidia Video card could upgrade their video driver card to do a test if the problem will be solved.


    I personally lost any hope to see this problem fixed, they lost 1 year (maybe more) to study how change icons and graphics on iOS 7  -_-   ...and doesn't found 1 hour to read this post or find a solution for professional users!!!

  • pss55 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, not linked to any particular software, hardware, etc.  Unlike some others, I found the solution in setting the cursor size one notch above normal.  I am guessing that if the cursor disappears again, I will solve the problem by returning to the normal size.  With a 27" screen, having a bigger cursor is no big deal.  I realize that this is not a very satisfactory fix, but at least it enables me to work!

  • Willjjv Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried setting the cursor size larger which at first appeared to fix the problem, but the problem came back.  Regarding replacing the video card, that's something I've thought about doing to see if that will fix this, but the cost is what's stopping me.  This "Third party software conflict" post is annoying when something like that is posted without anything to back it up.  As I posted awhile back, since my problem is specifically with Photoshop, I did a complete fresh install of Mountain Lion and only installed Photoshop (PS install from the original install disk - no Migration Assistant).  That did not take care of the problem and pretty much eliminates anything pointing at third-party issues with the exception of anything Adobe related.

  • Greg Malone Level 1 Level 1

    Yep.  Me too.  You have to imagine that users at Apple see it all the time too.  Apple has slipped a long way... and not just for this relatively small (but annoying) issue.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8

    Greg Malone wrote:


    Yep.  Me too.  You have to imagine that users at Apple see it all the time too.  Apple has slipped a long way... and not just for this relatively small (but annoying) issue.

    I doubt it. I never see it.

    Some developers, like Adobe, roll their own user interface instead of using the built-in routines. I can imagine that might cause problems all over.

  • pss55 Level 1 Level 1

    Not a very helpful contribution to this discussion if you have read it.  It is NOT third party software conflict.

  • pss55 Level 1 Level 1

    @willjjv: you are right, my solution cures it only temporarily.  It happened to me again with a larger cursor and this time I had to reboot my iMac to resolve it.  Rather frustrating...

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