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  • aThanasi Level 2 Level 2

    I had a very similar problem where only part of my iPhone notes were syncing to my iCloud account and then to my iPad. This article describes in detail why some people are unable to sync notes to iCloud.


    In general you must be cautious not to create notes on your iDevice before actually enabling iCloud sync as that would push your new notes to your "On My iPhone" account which is un-syncable with the iCloud.

  • Rick Urbanowski Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks brian.roach

    Your suggestion fixed it for me!

  • mars315 Level 1 Level 1

    My problems have been solved.  A while back, the duplicate note thing stopped happening.  I have no idea what happened.  I assumed it was a fix from Apple.  However, until yesterday, I was still unable to synch a NEW note created on my iMac to any other device, or to iCloud.  Yesterday I spent some quality phone time with an Apple employee and here is what we did:  If you open notes and then go to notes on the top bar, go to the "default account."  On my computer, Road Runner (my email account) was checked.  We checked iCloud instead, and my new notes started synching properly.


    HOWEVER, I would like to point out, and the Apple employee had no answer to this, that while a new note created on my Mac would not synch, an update to an existing note would synch from the Mac to my other devices.  Why was that working, but the new note was not working?  Seems like things I did on my Mac either would have or would not have synched, not one thing synching and one not.


    At any rate, I don't really care that much since my problem is sloved, but I AM curious if anyone wants to tell me.

  • Nehocdrachir Level 1 Level 1

    The solution to all this is simple. Use Evernote. Apple has made things entirely too complicated.

  • Rick Urbanowski Level 1 Level 1

    This isn't helpful

  • Gat0r Level 1 Level 1

    Once it is set up properly to icloud notes on all devices it works perfectly.

  • Mogrub Level 1 Level 1

    I'm a dope, and offer this observation for anyone similarly afflicted.  I was getting multiple copies of Notes.  In certain circumstances, whenever a Note was edited or altered in any way, I'd get an additional copy of it on my MBP.  Make 5 little changes to a Note, and you'd get 5 new copies of it.  Ugh. 


    When I finally had time to look more carefully at my multiple devices and my Cloud, I could see that the only platform I had the problem was on the MBP.  Only Notes created or edited on the MBP got "redundantly duplicated", and the only place where the redudancy was visible was on the MBP.  Zero duplication issues in the Cloud or on other devices. 


    I was knee deep into cache-cleansing and mailbox rebuilding when I stopped, and went back to look at Mail, Contacts and Calendars under System Preferences / Internet and Wireless more carefully.  Flipping through my multiple accounts, I discovered that in addition to my Cloud having a check in the Notes sync field, one of my additional email accounts had also a check in the Notes sync field.  I deleted that extra tick, and tested out Notes, and voila, no more duplicates.  No restart needed, no nothing.


    Some of you will need the more complicated fixes discussed in this thread, and thanks for everyone that took the time to lay those out.  But some of you may need only this simple fix to restore Notes to smooth operating. Happy Trails to all.

  • NorthOfBorderBC Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the advice, Mogrub. It worked!

  • Mogrub Level 1 Level 1

    Great to hear it BC.  Cheers!

  • DKay Level 1 Level 1

    I looked in the prefs of Internet, Mail and Calenders and  Notes was unticked...  but I still get multiple copies. Evernote is indeed easier

  • ranjithptb Level 1 Level 1



    I have same issue and resolved through below steps.


    PS : Back up all Notes before doing below.


    Step 1. Deselect Notes in System Preferences-> iCloud


    Step 2. Quit Notes and start add notes.. Here can see only one icloud on left side.


    If check in System Preferences, supursingly Notes automatically selected again



    Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.26.25 PM.png

  • PeteLP Level 1 Level 1

    Many many Thanks to Talkingpengwin and John Hammer1


    I've done everything they suggested,  and I've eliminated my duplicate note problem.


    It's much appreciated.





    BTW, you might save some folks some time if you edited your post, changing item 3 (under the duplicate note section) to be the following:


              3.  Click on the finder click go, hold the option key and click on library, then go to containers. Drag from containers to the trash


    Your notes were to hold down the option key and click on containers. Then drag  I didn't see containers when I followed your notes and the fix didn't work.  I later found similar notes elsewhere but with the above modification and then it DID work.  Still later I saw John Hammer1's notes (about this error) in this same thread. 


    I am very happy to have this problem handled



  • Chuck La Tournous Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue (it's what brought me here) and found a solution that worked for me. I believe it came from the MacRumors forum.


    Turn off Notes synching in System Preferences -->iCloud and quit both Notes and System Preferences.

    Go to ~/Library/Containers/ and move the entire folder to the Trash.


    Turn synching back on and relaunch Notes.



    Hope that helps,



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    Syncing Notes with iTunes and OS X Mountain Lion v10.8

    You can sync with the Notes app using IMAP or iCloud. Syncing Notes using iTunes is no longer supported on OS X v10.8 and later.

    So the solution is simple:

    You can either use IMAP and have all your notes on the internet,
    Pay to use iCloud and have all your notes available to Apple

    Don't upgrade to 10.8

    Downgrade to 10.7


    Why did they get rid of this functionality from 10.7 to 10.8?

  • apple_customer Level 1 Level 1



    I've been wondering the same thing myself. There are serious implications for many users with the system Apple is trying to push down everyone's throat. Many users like me (I am a healthcare provider and must follow federal regulations that dictate I must maintain my data private and confidential) can't use cloud services. This does apply only to healthcare providers but others such as attorney's, those in industrial design (can you image Apple itself allowing its secretive product designs to be circulating all over the Internet for anyone to find) and numerous others can't rely, for one reason or another, on iCloud or any other cloud-based service.


    Why didn't they just keep the previous sync mode and added iCloud as an alternative. Instead they killed iTunes sync and literally forced everyone to swallow iCloud. Talk about poor design and customer relations. Lately I must confess I've been wondering what the future for Apple holds after Steve Jobs left. Every time I see decisions such as this I wonder if those running the company have what it takes to continue to make it successful and to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with its extensive and critical user base.


    I use my iPhone and iPad almost entirely for business. I can't believe Apple has left me without the single most useful, most basic and most fundamental tool anyone could want to have in a mobile device such as smartphone - a task list. I had this almost 15 years ago with the Palm Pilot. It had a terrific to do or task list that was easy to use and easy to sycn with almost any device independent of the operating system (both Palm and Microsoft provided synchronization software for the Palm). Fast forward to today and I have a phone I can no longer use to keep a simple list of tasks I must complete on any given day. Even my notes created in 10.7 now can't be synchronized with my iPhone anymore so they are literally 'stuck' in my computer. Seems like a huge step backwards by Apple.


    I have been an Apple customer and Mac user since the first Mac was introduced. Some 30 years or so of loyalty to this company even during those times when it seemed destined for extinction. This is how the company thanks me for my undying loyalty. I will tell you honestly that if I hadn't just purchased an iPhone 5 I would go right now to a Verizon store and buy a new Samsung Galaxy phone. It is great and apparently, judging from reviews online, has a great task management application that is very simple to use and sync with your computer.


    This one is tought to swallow.

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