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I installed Mountain Lion on my 2011 MacBook Pro. Now, I find Safari does not load web pages. It attempts to load a page, but gives up so to speak after a few seconds. Chrome and Firefox work just fine.  On my MacBook Air -- also with Mountain Lion installed -- I have no problem with Safari.  Works normally. The problem appears to be a setting on my MacBook Pro, but I have compared settings with those of the MacBook Air and can find no differences.


I am wondering if I should reinstall Safari 6.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy independent of Mountain Lion?

Thanks in advance for any help.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Try deleting the Bookmarks.plist from your users/Library folder and restarting Safari 6. Mountain Lion hides your Library folder, so you need to access it from the "Go" menu whilst in a finder window. More here .htm

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    Thanks, but deleting the bookmarks.plst did not help.  I did learn how to access my library folder, and that was very helpful.

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    OK, deleting bookmarks.plst did not help; also repairing permissions did not help. However, the problem changed somewhat.  Now when I go to a site, the site appears to load, but I can't see it (window is blank). However, if I click on reader, the reader version of the page appears normally.


    Not sure what to do; guess I will wait a month and see if a fix emerges. Meanwhile, Chrome and Firefox work fine.

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    You need to go to and install the latest Flash player. Same thing was happening to me, and I installed Flash, and it works fine now.

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    updating flash did not help. (but it needed updating.)

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    That's weird, I called Apple and they told me that was the problem. I also updated Java at the same time, so maybe the combination of the two did it.... maybe try updating Java? I hope it works for you. I have noticed though, Safari is REALLY slow now.   Utilities>Java Prefrences>Update

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    None of that above suggestions worked.  Reinstalled Lion. Problem remains. I may have to do a clearn install of Mountain Lion, but first have to figure out how to do that.


    Anyway, thanks for the help.

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    Sorry I couldn't help, I think there is a problem with Safari but Apple hasn't admitted it yet. Although pages are loading now (for me) everything is "dial up" slow. Firefox and Chrome work fine. I don't understand... If you need instructions on how to do a clean install, let me know, I just did one. It is easy... let me know.

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    I've been having very similar problems, but not consistent at all. Just tried swapping from Safari to latest Firefox and although everything seemed OK initially, I have EXACTLY the same problem/effect under Firefox.


    On both browsers sometimes it just sits there like its waiting for data loading. If I restart either browser it starts working again. Never saw this problem at all with the same website (used 50% of the day for work) before updating to Mountain Lion. Funnily enough I've also seen the same problems at home since I updated the iMac as well, so not just limited to my Macbook Pro.


    Looks like it could be more an underlying problem than just a Safari issue. I must say I'm really regretting updating now as this is really becoming a pain in the ........


    Lets hope for some progress and updates really soon.

  • Sergio Tezza Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    Reset Safari (the first six and the last two checked)

    Quit Safari

    Go to System Preferences


    Check the "close windows when quitting an application"




    I did that and pages started loading.

  • Sergio Tezza Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)



    Safari started again hanging at start-up... After waiting for over ONE MINUTE for the page to load, I again clicked on stop loading and then reload and then force reload, ALL OVER AGAIN.



    No RSS support, slow like a snail, pages don't load, EATS RAM LIKE A PIG...

    A real "joy"!

  • Sergio Tezza Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I found the solution, this time the real solution.

    The problem was apparently 1Password.

    After uninstalling that extension Safari started working like Firefox.

    However, given that Firefox works also with the 1Password extension, has RSS live bookmarks incorprated, it is just as fast and has also privacy add-ons that Safari has not, MY SOLUTION IS USING FIREFOX (after using Safari since it was created I don't do that lightheartedly, but if Apple is producing things that are less and less user-friendly and more and more loaded with problems, there's no choice.


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    Your solution worked for me, Sergio. Preferences, General, click the close windows box. Now it doesn't hang up. Thankd.

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