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I've been using all of iWork with Mountain Lion since July 9 when the Developer GM Seed was released, and it worked fine. Now that the public has Mountain Lion, iWork was updated and I get the message "Check with the Developer to make sure Keynote works with this version of OS X."


I know for a fact this must be an error, but since I've had iWork '09 since its release on CD I haven't bought it on the Mac App Store and therefore cannot use that for this problem. (Although the App Store updated Keynote and the rest of iWork)

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, Development (late 2011)
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    It's not quite the same thing but in case other people's searches lead them here too, I was having trouble getting Keynote (updated) and TextEdit to open. They would just hang without even getting to the initial screen. I fixed the problem by turning off iCloud for documents


    Go to System Preferences > iCloud > uncheck "Documents & Data" from the sync list.


    (Actuall I uninstalled Keynote, did the above, restarted and then reinstalled but I think I only needed ot do the above).


    Anyway, both Keynote and TextEdit open fine now. Shame I can't use iCloud with them but I'll cope...


    Hope that helps someone.

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    I had this problem too.


    After trying lots of the suggested fixes, I managed to solve it by creating a new user account, logging into it, opened Pages (no problems there) and logging out of the new account again. I then logged back into my own account and iWork applications all launched no problems.


    Hope this helps!

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    A new user account on your whole computer? I'm the only user. So confused.

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    I thought iCloud wasn't keeping any of that anymore. When I uncheck it, it says it'll delete all the documents from iCloud that are on this computer. What? I don't want things disappearing!