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I am really sorry I ugraded(?) to Lion from OS-X 10.6. Losing colored sidebar icons in both te finder and application file open/save windows was really a big problem for me. Also, the removal of scroll arrows from scroll bars is a big disappointment. Also, file open/save windows take a long time to load the folders and devices available. I can't imagine why Apple is going backward on this stuff. I guess the next step is to release black and white retima displays?


Anyway, does anyone know if the scroll arrows and colored icons have been restored in Mountain Lion?


Thanks - Bill

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    No, they have not.....

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    Thanks for the info. I just learned that the down & up arrows on the keyboard now do smooth scrolling, so that helps. I really do miss the colored icons though. I can't imagine why removing color helps to integrate OS-X and IOS. Oh well, that's progress I guess.

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    Apple is missing a much bigger point. They want us to get used to gestures that are in the iPhone and iPad. Wonderful. Except I would not run an extremely complex, multiple sheet Excel workbook on an iPhone or an iPad. I need lots of screen real estete for big spreadsheets, and the scroll arrows on windows are key for moving among and within worksheets. To compensate, I now need to move my hands among the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad to do what I used to do seemlessly between the keyboard and the mouse.


    It may seem like a little thing, but increasing my hand movements by 50% is a huge slowdown. Apple is flat out being stupid here. I've supported Apple since the Lisa, but this one move is perhaps the most backward one they have ever made. At the very least, they could leave them as an option to be turned on.


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    I have not seen any official replies from Apple on the subject. The designers at Apple seem to be straight out of art school.. everything's now about look and style over useability! Quicktime X is practically useless and integrated into the system, Final Cut X is unusable, itunes has dropped Quicktime support and constantly crashes, OSX is now very inconvenient for serious work.. Morons!

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    marklearey wrote:


    everything's now about look and style over useability


    You've got it in one. Macs built their name on usability and lived in the shadow of the utterly unusable, unstable but ubiquitous windows-driven PCs.


     seem to have learned from that that market domination revolves around building systems with crap features that nevertheless have some popular appeal rather than focussing on making great systems. The next thing to be lost will be durability. My old macs never died, but I suspect either through hardware or software obsolescence, we will all be forced to upgrade on a 3-yr cycle before long.


    What happened to the old mac ethos of durability, usability and aesthetic beauty? It died with the release of Lion 10.7 last July.

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    Please ask for scroll arrows (and customizable Sidebars) here:





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    And don't forget the MultiFinder!  Ask them to bring back the MultiFinder!

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    Apple is out of their mind.  Its these kinds of foolish moves that keeps them out of the business world. You know how much of a PAIN it is to mavigate a Quicken 2007 file?

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    Intuit has not made a DECENT Mac version since 2007 as essentials was a joke, an a reason why they had to make a intel compatible version of Quicken 2007. There are no new features as Q2007 is juts intel native. I was considering iBank, but I have been using Quicken since 1998 and do not want to change.

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    I have the same problem with Excel spreadsheets.  I have written four very short Excel 4.0 macros using the VLINE and HLINE functions and assigned arrows in my custom toolbar to them.


    In another thread, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3196331?start=45&tstart=0

    andalusite has given the code for visual basic macros which do the same thing.

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    Apple, please, bring the scroll bar up-and-down-arrows back!

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    ApMaX wrote:


    Apple, please, bring the scroll bar up-and-down-arrows back!