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I own my own domain, under which I have several email addresses configured that all wind up being forwarded to a single account.  With Mail in Snow Leopard and Lion, when I would reply to a received e-mail, the "from" field would be set corresponding to the e-mail address the original message had been sent to, making it easy to ensure the correct address is used.  But in Mountain Lion, it appears that when I reply to any message, the "from" field of the reply is now being set based on the account which received the message.  As such, I must now remember to manually change the "from" field everytime I reply to a message, or it will be sent out using my single account e-mail ID, which I actually never want to use.


Does anyone know of a way to get Mail from Mountain Lion to default the "from" field in a reply based on the "to" field of the message being replied to, as older versions of Mail used to do?

Mail, OS X Mountain Lion
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