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hi apple, et al.  now that you have discontinued the xserve, will you please tell me how i can use a crucial 128GB SSD in a sonnet adapter in an ADM sled?  i have installed, the xserve will not recognize the ssd.  restart.  nothing.  not in sys profiler, not in disk util, nowhere.  the sled glows orange, then red.  upon restart the sled is green, but still no drive.  unplugging and plugging the sled, back to orangethenred light....


come on.


is there a jumper i need to change?  anything i can do here??  this is incredibly frustrating as the only reason this will not work is that you guys have hardcoded the acceptable drive units, right???


i have no intention of giving up my xserve as it ... ahem, serves all my needs perfectly.  but i would like to upgrade the boot drive to ssd. 





thank you very much for any ideas.

xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8)