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Before, in Lion and previous version of OSX, I could leave my password "blank" in my email accounts under Mail preferences so that when I sign in I have to type in my password for my email account.  I do this for security purposes as other people use my computer.  Now, with Mountain Lion, the password sticks every time I put it in.  I even tried typing in a wrong password so when Mail opens it asks me for the correct password, but the correct password sticks.  Any suggestions for this issue?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, i7 brand new
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    One thing you can do to make sure other people can't sign into your email account is to change the security settings on your login keychain. Open up Keychain Access and right click on the login keychain. From there you can (carefully) set the keychain to lock after a certain number of minutes of inactivity. Once you do this, Mail should refuse to log into your email account until the keychain is unlocked. Keep in mind that will affect other programs that use passwords as well. There are some other settings in the keys themselves that you can change.

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    Hi Matt, that is a bit over the top for me.  I just want to be able to open mail and then have it ask for my password so I can sign in every time, I could do this with Lion, I just wonder why they changed this...?

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    I'm having the same problem, when I first open mail in SL and Lion it would ask for a password. When new mail arrives it would pop up. After I log off and log on again it would ask for the password again.  That is how I would like ML to function, does anyone have an answer?

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    I found some software that covers the Mail password issue called Macfort.  It cost $18.   It is actually better than before because Mail won't even open unless you put in the password for Macfort.

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    I dont want to pay extra for a feature that I had, Im sure that there is a solution to this issue. I deleted and reinstalled my personal e-mail info, now it wont let me send e-mails.

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    I agree, it doesn't make sense.  It is funny how Apple has almost no security options for Mail.  Like myself, I know a lot of people that share computers.

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    I too am having this problem in Mountain Lion Mail (6.0), on my 2009 mini.  All I want is to have to enter my password anew in order to get or send mail each time Mail is launched.


    Apple, are you listening?

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    I too am having this issue. Please bring back the way it used to work. This is broken. Apple please fix this.

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    Any headway on this problem? Mail (v. 6.5) in Mountain Lion still won't let the user leave the mail account password blank.