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Now that Xgrid is EOL in 10.8, can somebody recommend a good alternative?


I just need a simple solution to distribute command line scipts to multiple computers and calculate data on a shared filesystem.


"xgrid -job submit script.sh" with my data on "/Network/Xgrid" was a simple but perfectly working solution :-(

Sun/Oracle grid engine seems hard to setup. It looks powerful, but also a bit bloated for my simple tasks. Is there a better alternative?


Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    It should be possible to migrate the Xgrid component from Lion machines over Mountain Lion machines (for those who decided to make the "unfortunate" upgrade) by simply making a backup:

    sudo tar cf xgrid.tar \

    /usr/libexec/xgrid \

    /usr/share/sandbox/x* \

    /etc/xgrid /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.xgrid* \

    /usr/bin/xgrid \

    /usr/sbin/xgridctl \

    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BEEP.framework \


    Adding "Xgrid lite" (that is an open source component) makes possible to turn every OS X non-server machine into an Xgrid controller with a simple control.


    Finally, downloading and installing the "Server admin tools", from the Apple website gives the graphical interface, needed to administer both the Xgrid controller and the agents:



    The 'gridstuffer' component helps in having an integrated environment to control better the execution of the jobs on the client machine:




    Icing on the cake, an open source java component makes possible turning every java installable machine into an Xgrid agent:


    The whole process took me less than one hour, together with testing that everything worked well on four machines (1 controller, 1 client, 1 local agent on a vlan, and 2 remote agents on a wan).

    Hope it can help. Enjoy.

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    A few questions:


    I don't get the 'xgrid sharing' option in the sharing pref. Is that suppose to just show up or do I need to turn something else on somewhere?


    I installed XgridLite, However it doesn't start the Xgrid controller (maybe related to above)


    How did you get the 10.7 server admin tools to load on 10.8? When I try to install it, it complains that it is not 10.7 and does nothing.


    Any help would greatly appreciated



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    For the server admin tool see at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1822 .


    The 'xgrid sharing' option is only provided to allow access to your computer from xgrid controllers, in order to distribute their tasks. You don't need it for your purpose of setting up an xgrid controller.


    If Xgrid lite won't start the controller you either need to verify that the installation of the xgrid controller components has been done properly or you need to provide a working copy of the client and agent password files.


    In the first case, try the following:


    1) verify that you have access to the directory /var/xgrid

    2) under /var/xgrid, rename the directory 'controller' in 'controller-old'

    3.a) start the xgrid controller with xgrid lite, or

    3.b) run the command sudo /usr/libexec/xgrid//xgridcontrollerd to start the xgrid controller


    the previous point (3) will also create a new copy of the directory 'controller'.


    4) at this point, try connecting to the xgrid controller using Xgrid Admin


    If you can't connect, set a working copy of the client and agent passwords in the following way:


    5.1) go to /etc/xgrid/controller

    5.2) rename (if any) agent-password in agent-password-old

    5.3) rename (if any) client-password in client-passowrd-old

    6) set the client and agent passwords with Xgrid lite


    7) At this point, try connecting again with Xgrid Admin


    Hope it helps.