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  • Latiron Level 1 Level 1

    Like you, I see that it is listed in the supported devices, but when i manually try and add the printer, the 3185 or the 3180 series is not listed. So, they list it as a supported device, but after installing the driver pack, why is this particular device I need, not listed in my driver choices when trying to add my printer? That is why I say it is not working.

  • dazforce Level 1 Level 1

    I am having all the same issues with the Samsung ML-1740.  Any suggestions of a different driver I can download tha with work for the 1740.

  • bigjack827 Level 1 Level 1

    There are no printer drivers as of today for Mountain Lyon 10.8.   This is work around.  You will need to install it on a Windows Computer or use Boot Camp running Windows 7.  With The USB cable in the computer use the Install disk and set it up for a Network Printer.  Once this is done  you can unplug the USB cable. Next open Systems Preference ,  Printers add printer you should see the Samsung network printer add it and your done.  Good Luck

  • Latiron Level 1 Level 1

    I have no idea what you mean by needing to use a Windows 7 computer or using Boot Camp and Windows 7.  I shouldn't need Windows for anything.  Why do I need another computer, and a copy of Windows 7 to install drivers for my MacBook Pro Retina?  That's not a work around, that's me buying a another computer just to support this worthless "NEW" printer!.  Even if this printer were a couple years old, I wouldn't get a Windows computer just to install drivers to use it.  But the fact is that this printer is NEW.


    But of all your post, how do I get a driver from Windows to work in OS X.8?  I don't understand your "work around" here.  Please explain; not because I'm going to get a Windows 7 computer and try it, but because I would love to hear how this "work around" works.

  • Christoph Schart Level 1 Level 1

    I'm talking to the Samsung-support and they said that there is currently no driver available, but they are working on it. So we have to wait...

  • bigjack827 Level 1 Level 1

    You also can configer the printer using Mac OS 10.7 Lion.  You must set the printer as a network printer!  Then switch to Mac OS 10.8 good luck should work.

  • hossi88 Level 1 Level 1

    Try using to install "manuell" and choose the model "CLX-3170 Series". Works fine for me with model CLX-3185. So i can wait for the new driver from samsung.


    King Regards from Germany


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    Just tried as hossi88 suggested... Everything seems fine so far. Thank you hossi88.

    So the thing to do is just to add a printer (type "+") then choose "add a printer...": do not choose the 3185 in the list if it appears... Next yoo choose the drivers of the 3170 series and it is done so we can wait a while like this.

    (Besides, the fax / scan functionalities still function with OS X Mountain Lion)

    PS: I just downloaded an update for Mountain Lion in the afternoon, maybe the bug with the 3180 series will be soon fixed ?

    Kind regards from France

  • PeriPeriPenguin Level 1 Level 1

    here's a solution that worked for me:


    1. download the samsung printer drivers:
    2. open SamsungPrinterDrivers.dmg file and copy the contents to your desktop
    3. download unpkg - a small, free app that simply unpacks the contents of .pkg file into a folder:
    4. launch unpkg and drag the file you copied on to your desktop on to unpkg to extract it to a folder on your desktop
    5. connect yoru printer to your mac via USB
    6. open system preferences > print & scan > add a printer
    7. ignore the prompts to download and add software from Apple - it clearly doesn't work
    8. highlight the printer and select use > other from the drop down to select the driver
    9. navigate to the folder on your desktop you extracted in step 4
    10. select SamsungPrinterDrivers > Library > Printers > PPDs > Contents > Resources > Samsung CLX-3180 Series.gz


    It will add your printer with the basics. You can then download all the other Samsung software for your printer, including the Smart Panel app, which will then give you the supply levels for your printer when you click on the Printer > Options & Supplies > Supply Levels. I managed to get the scanner and fax working too. Plus the wireless set up.


    It's poor form that there is no official, working set of drivers and software for what is a relatively new printer. It's not a cheap printer either so Samsung should get cracking and sort it out. But perhaps they're too busy with legal proceedings....

  • Christoph Schart Level 1 Level 1

    works perfekt!
    also with WLAN in step 5

  • dvrachatis Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks! Worked great for usb and wi-fi connection. You really saved after 8 hours of various manipulations and after contacting samsung online support.



  • ZaxBr Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, there is a new version at



    Works perfect!

  • keyframezero Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks - this fixed my Samsung SCX-4826FN following my upgrade to 10.8.2.

  • pkfr Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you, your Ten point plan perfectly solved my problem with a Samsung CLS-3185FW printer.


    Your post also says that you were successful in getting the wireless capability up and running as well.  I can get the printer working through the USB connection, but not wirelessly. Can you help me out.  I have an internet connection and router, and have operated wirelessly in the past, but not able to since reinstalling the printer into preferences/print and scan.  Hopefully you can help.



  • dvrachatis Level 1 Level 1