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    Thanks, before seeing this I had used the 10 point plan from peri peri penguin and solved my problem that way.  Just now I have also got the wireless functionality done.  Thanks for the input.

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    I'm running one Snow Leopard, two Lion and one Mountain Lion Macs, and both a CLX 3170 and 3180.

    I had both working when I cloned onto Mountain Lion, but it kept failing to find them till I rebooted the router.

    However, I can always ping them.  Power cycling the printer was not enough.


    I deleted the printers and reinstalled from CD, but for the 3180 there is a Java mismatch:

    Although I have both Samsung (ver 4.00) and Apple (ver 1.07.01) drivers I get the forced download message, followed by the not available on apple server message.


    My Snow Leopard and one Lion are running well with 1.06 and 4.00 for 3170 and 3180.

    Although earlier I had the 3180 running from the 3170 driver under Snow Leopard due to similar problems.

    But with Mountain Lion, I haven't succeeded in getting to any point I can choose a driver as the only option given is to do a download that doesn't exist, as per previous posts.


    The other Lion and the intermittent Mountain Lion before deletion run 1.06.01 and 1.07.01 on 3170 and 3180.

    This was fine on the Lion, but hopeless on MLion - one print, then failed to recognize after going to sleep.

    I sent the 3180 in for repairs originally, and upgrade of firmware, before settling for using the 3170 driver.


    There must be some way to directly choose a driver in MLion and bypass the not so helpful attempt to download it when there are at least four suitable drivers already on board.

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    Success. I used a variant of peri peri penguin's approach, 6 on , except I used the installed 3170 driver rather than pointing at a manually downloaded 3180 driver.

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    Thank you. This works. I actually used the SCX-472X .gz file. It prints and has double sided printing as well.

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    you're really a wizard, so many thanks

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    Try using the driver found on


    It will work for the CLX-3170 and 3180.


    You can download either the print driver, scanner driver or both for Mac, WIndows or Linux.


    Definitley installs and works.


    Good luck

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