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Why can't we track serial numbers and not the apple iD.   Since serial numbers can't be reset or erased. ? 

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, Lost my iPad on a cruise.
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    Has to do with privacy laws.

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    If privacy laws are ineffect . Isn't the iPhone trchnically be considered big brother.  Almost every app has a gps  almost everything is recorded. There's some apps that will let you do 1 specific task but not another. Then theres are apps that will let you do the other thing the first app won't let you do and on.  What I'm getting at is-  there are a whole lot of apps that will let you do a specific task but not 1. App that can do it all.  


    Enough of that jargon.   For people who don't care about the privacy laws. (. Wondering what it entails )  for those who sign an agreement saying  only the serial numbers will be shown and no other data ) if people agree to that idea   Can we create an app for that.  

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    Problem:   I lost my iPad on a cruise ship. Apple says call local authority and report missing: problem 2.  Which authority do I go to  since it could be anywhere in the world ( yes , I know- I'm SOL).  I can get another iPad, which isn't the issue. The work on it is.   


    As you can tell, I'm farely ******,   Idea 2.  Everybody has a cell phone. Once you lose , you can go into your carrier and report it lost. In turn, they put a block on it noting it or what ever.   Why can't this be done with any device. 


    When these devices came out. It was my understanding that it's 1 per customer or household  I think. Now it's open   Why can't we place a block on any device.  It the carriers can do it. So can apple.  


    Any thoughts ?  Would like some feed back

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    What stops Joe Blow from reporting that his iPod touch (really your ipod touch) has been stolen and to block it.  He can do that if he has your ID/password.  The carriers have more on record to go with besides an web username.  They have your SS number and lots of other data that a user would have to provide in order to report a stolen cellphone.

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    What if I say. I give up my privacy rights or I waive them .( based on the individual) I'm not hiding anything  so it doesn't bother me.   What if  ( only ) apple had access to this app. I can go into any store and be able to ping a serial number. That shouldn't be too hard of a concept. 


    2. Apple has basically created every step to finding your device ( or ever who created the find your iPhone)  except for the very last step. Finding it.  That's like you have all the tools In the shed to build what ever you want but can't do build anything cause you don't have instructions.  I mean. Ok. You go to Ikea. Buy a shelf.  They give you nuts and bolts. Tools and instructions to build the item you just bought.  But what happens if you don't have any of 1 of these key eliments.  That's what apple did. Or better yet.  You get an instruction sheet  you perform every thing asked of you to do.  You get to the last step and says ?   Or the last step is missing.  How does that make sense?


    Then on your iPhone  there's. A button where you can reset your device  why would I make it easier for the theftee. To reset my device if supposedly he can't get into with a lock pass code.   All this is based for the average user. Not a hacker. If a hacker gets your stuff. Then tell your device have fun with your new owner. Cause your shyt out of luck .

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    On a side note.  There's an app for everything.  You need a scale. There's an app for that's

    .   WannA be a doctor, there's an app for that. Wanna be a pilot. Or a carpenter theresa

    Apps for that. Wanna be sceintist or sign language. There's apps for that wanna learn every language in the world. There's an app for that.  You think I'm kidding.  Check it out for yourself.  You can literally be what ever you want and there's an app for it. Wanna build your own app. There's an app for that too . Just kidding. Wait imma go look after I post this .  HahA.

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    Feedback.  Is my thinking out of line.  Or does this logic or common sense seem correct.  If not say something.  I'm curious.

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    If any apple employee sees this.  Please send them myway.  I'm looking for answers.  I'm not looking for money  i can get enough people to change this.  Or create an app.  That would be awesome.  Anything.

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    I just talked to customer support.   I talked to a supervisor. She told me that if anything needs to be changed or submitted. Go write a report to apple.com/feedback   Apple engineers  do read every single feedback. So please send a feedback. The more we can get. The more this might change.  I understand. When 1 person complains about privacy laws it ruins it for everybody   All I'm asking is for people to create an app that kind of like lo-jack for cars    In a way on-star is the same thing.  All big brother type.  If you put cameras  in the streets.  People get ****** off. But if you put cameras on police officers.  That's ok.   It's either all or nothing.  Doesn't make sense.  O


    So please send feedback as the engineers do read these.  

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    Unfortunately it is in both Apple's and your carrier's economic interest to not provide such a feature. One would think that with all the technological capabilities that apple has provided us with that they would be able to do this as well. That's the point here, they are able to do it, probably quite easily; but it's economically beneficial to them if they don't. Remember, Apple doesn't provide the find my iPhone app as a pre-downloaded application, you have to do so yourself. One may say this is for privacy reasons, but there are clearly other reasons as well. So, Apple has no incentive to add such a feature unless it becomes an issue (customers demanding it or other companies providing such a feature). Thus as consumers we need to make this an issue that apple must address. I too lost my iPhone. The fact that Apple doesn't provide a feature such as allowing one to "flag" their device as stolen and thereby preventing that device from being unlocked, reset in itunes, or immediately turned into a tracking device when turned on is pretty frustrating and ridiculous. Apple provides very limited functions in their native find my iPhone app, and yet there are many more features it could provide. I'm aware of apps that provide far more capability, such as preventing shut down, taking pictures, taking audio/video recordings, remote backup, photo capture after failed unlock, call log, sms forwarding, and even constant GPS tracking. My point here is this, Apple can easily provide features that would further enable you to recover your apple device but there isn't an incentive to and there is actually economic incentive to not provide such features. We need to provide them with the incentive to do so, or else it is likely to never happen.