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    Upgraded successfully from XP to W7.

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    Dear Guido,

    If i do this, does the windows install on the mac or does it create a bootable usb thumbdrive?

    Pleas respond cuz im really struggling with this. Thanks

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    And one more question. If i install windows on usb (usb bootable thing),

    Does that make only a bootable drive or it installs windows on my mac?

    P.S. I have a late 2012 Mac Mini.

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    Hey Guys

    Finally solved the issue

    After innumerable nights and innumerable days

    With the help of my Colleague Mr. Abeezer Vijlee (Flash Computers)


    Well to begin with

    I have a mid 2010 iMac 27" (Quad Core)

    With OS 10.8.4 Mountain Lion Installed

    Tried all the thousands of options available on innemerable forums, Finally got this indigenous solution

    (Sorry for the Boast)


    Step 1) FORGET BOOTCAMP (you heard it right)

    Step 2) Go to disk utility from launchpad - other folder

    Step 3) Select the single partition Mac HDD

    Step 4) Go to partition tab and make two partitions of any size by clicking the + sign at the bottom

    Step 5) Now simply select the new partition by clicking it once, Go to Erase tab and then click erase

    Step 6) Now it will show a blank Partition

    Step 7) Insert the Windows DVD and select it as the start up disk through the System Prefrences menu

    Step 8) Restart and press option key at the chime

    Step 9) The boot option shows up with Mac OS / Restore / EFi boot options

    Step 10) Select EFI Boot Option and click return

    Step 11) The next screen starts the windows installation

    Step 12) After the initial screen it will show the HDD option to choose which partition to use

    Step 13) Select the blank / unformatted partition and click format from below

    Step 14) Once it gets formated click next and voila, it starts the installation

    Step 15) Just dont touch anything untill the setup finishes after two or three restarts (Do not Touch)

    Step 16) Once the setup is complete, Google n download the Bootcamp Drivers for Windows 8 from Apple Site

    Step 17) Download the zip file and select setup and this will setup the much needed drivers for all the devices


    N You R Done

    If you want to swtch back to Mountain Lion, Just press the option key at the chime of restart n select Mac OS


    Disclaimer : Though this worked for me as a charm but You have to do it at your own risk, I am in no way responsible for any loss or damage



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    Did you do as I asked?


    If yes, do this next.


    Remove anything and everything from the USB ports, put the Windows disc in the drive, reboot, hold option like you did before, select the Windows disc from the startup manager, install Windows to the BootCamp partition.

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    Robocop21, thanks a lot  !!!


    After days trying to install Windows7 using Bootcamp, I followed your instructions and .... total success !!!!


    Only thing I will add:  

    While in Mac, I downloaded the Windows support software using Bootcamp.

    Saved the Zip to a USB stick.

    Started on Windows (holding the option key).

    Ran and installed the Bootcamp zip.


    Now the Bootcamp logo shows on Windows.  Switching between the two programs is as usual.


    Thanks again, you are a genious




    BTW, this was done on a brand new Mac Mini.

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  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,925 points)

    You buy it from Microsoft.

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    Well there are softwares which convert your dvd into ISO format, googlel ISO converter,

    Also if you follow my instructions above (robocop), you dont need any ISO file

    You can install thru your windows DVD

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    robocop21,  I am trying to follow your steps but when I go to slect the windows installer disk to be the start up disk it is not even an option.  If I put the windows installer disk into my drive it takes about five to ten minutes then a window pops up saying you have entered a blak dvd.  I bought the full version of windows 8.1 pro about three days ago. I have tried to leave the disk in then restart computer and hold alt but then the only drives that show are my mac and recovery the windows disc will never come up as a choice to pick.  I have the bootcampm 5 on a usb for when windows does download but I might as well have a blank dvd im trying to ppull stuff from bc I cannot figure out how to get it to read the disk... I am on a macbook pro running 10.8.5.... any suggestions?  

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    Hi Justin

    Sorry I got late in replying


    But you can try converting the DVD in to a USB Boot Media by Using the WinUSBmaker

    and then try booting again with the option key pressed



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    Hey guys,


    I too had the same problem, but later on I burned the disk directly from Disk Utility rather than "right click-burn" . The difference is that via DU, there will be no prompt for disk name.


    Now my dvd is recognized by the BootCamp Assistance and I have successfully installed Windows 8.1 using normal bootcamp method


    Note : my disk is dvd-r . I wasted 2 disks before I got it right.

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    Kanad, thank you! 


    I spent hours working on this and your tip was the one that worked.  Bought a DVD-R, burned my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit install image to it using Disk Utility, and BootCampt Assistant recognized it.  FWIW, my Bootcamp version is 3.04, on a late 2008 Macbook Pro (though I downloaded and installed more recent bootcamp drivers; it couldn't find the drivers for that version). 


    Thank you very much for posting your solution.  Have a good 2014!

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    I've noticed that Boot Camp Assistant doesn't reconganize Windows 7 disks with service pack(s). Please try a basic Windows 7 disk.

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