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Bo-E Level 1 (0 points)

I just installed Mountain Lion. Problem is that Mail will not send emails anymore. New mails stack up in an Outbox On My Mac. Neither Exchange or Imap work. What's the solution?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I am seeing a problem whereby sending email works but takes 1-2 minutes for the email to go. Everything else is horribly slow as mentioned in this thread:


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    I installed Mountion Lion yesterday.  My emails were working fine. Now, I cannot receive emails, and my sent emails are stuck in Outbox.  The weird thing is that my sub account is working fine ~ it can send and receive!  What's up with APPLE?  Not happy

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    Same here.  I can receive but not send

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    Ditto for me!  My email locks up for both sending and receiving - only way to unlock is to restart.

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    I got a fix. it works for me. while i'm on ML. safari and mail doesn't work properly. mail can't send emails with attachment and safari unble to open certain webpages.

    i've log into my Internet modem, enable router mode from bridge mode. it works fine now. no promlem with sending emails or surfing the web. hope it'll helpful for u guys.

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    My gmail can now send as well as receive.  iMail asked for a password and that was that it works - even though I tried all that yesterday


    However, waas on teh phone to Apple support today as my work emails still couldn't send.  We tried everything including deleting the accounts and re-adding.  didn't fix the problem.  Interestingly every time I log into my work email I always get the message that the certificate isn't from a trusted source.  I always just click 'connect'.  This time I aked iMail to always trust emails from that host and now all is well and I can send and receive from all of my accounts

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    Back to square one, dammit!  fired up the imac this morning and all my email accounts are 'offline' again!!!! I can receive, but can't send - this is getting seriously frustrating now!!!!!!!

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    Same problem here...definitely a bug in Mail. Grrrr....

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    I just installed Mountain Lion after using Lion and had all SORTS of problems with Mail application (freezing, deleted emails would reappear, crashing, etc. etc.). I called Apple Support and they told me to do this, and it works:


    shut down

    then turn on computer while holding command R

    when OS Utilities window comes up go to the top menu bar and click Utilities, then Terminal.

    type (all one word, lower case): reset password

    hit return


    go to the bottom of the reset password window that comes up,

    select the HD

    then click the Reset button at the bottom under "Reset Home Folder Permission and ACLs"


    then wait for it to finish

    click the red button to close the finder.

    then go to Terminal at top,

    Quit Terminal.

    Then restart under the apple logo icon.

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    Has anyone who can't send mail verified if the above answer (password resetting) works or not?  It sounds like the poster of this soluition was perhaps having a different problem, as he was experiencing crashing and other odd things.


    For people on ML Server, they have the same problem, but can fix it by editting their file.  It appears that some of the locations pointed to in the file do not actually exist, and typing in the actual locations of those files restores normal function to ML Server's email problem (Same problem as the OPs).  I do not know enough about editting these files, and the structure of the non-server file appears dfferent, so I am not confident in editting it (plus I don't know the locations of the files in the non-server version of ML).



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    I tried the above reset and it has not helped my problem with mail not receiving or sending since ML.

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    Problem: Can't send email after Mountain Lion Upgrade


    I searched and searched and finally figured out the issue on my Macbook Pro and my wife's Airbook. It wasn't Mountain Lion that was the full issue as it was the cloud backup of mail settings.


    I went into the cloud and unchecked the mail option and then went back to mail and this solved the issue.  We can send emails on each of or pop accounts now.


    Not sure if it will help others but that solved both of out issues after the upgrade.

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    Same problem arose for me, so whilst searching a solution found this topic.


    I'm using Mail 6 on ML 10.8.1.


    This is what appears to have worked for me, mind you only just now so I don't yet know how permanent the fiz is. I cked my SMTP server settings for the mail account which seemed to be the cause of the problem. I had the SMTP server set to 'none' ("Use only this server" was and is deselected). These settings have been fine in the past. So I specified an SMTP server, saved the settings, and the Outbox emptied right away.

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