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Since I've upgraded to Safari 6 on Mountain Lion I'm having several problems that seem to be javascript-related.  On many sites, for no apparent reason, interface elements will stop receiving click events.  For example, checkboxes and buttons don't respond when clicked.  Links don't respond if they have a "click" handler but they will work if they are plain links with an href.  If I try to reload the page it stalls, as if the server is not responding.  I have to relaunch safari in order for the site to load and it will inevitably happen again... just not sure when.


Other points:


1. I've seen this problem on several different sites across many domains, it's not limited to a particular site.


2. There are no javascript errors (that I can attribute to this problem) and javascript is enabled (of course).


3. For all the sites that I've experienced this problem I've loaded the same site in chrome with no problems.


4. Safari was my default browser before the upgrade and I've never experienced this problem before.


5. The only extension I have is 1Password.  I tried disabling it but it hasn't improved the problem.


I'm hoping that someone else is esperiencing this problem and either has a fix or can help me get Apple's attention so they will issue a fix.



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion, Safari 6
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