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I am unable to upgrade my MacPro to Mountain Lion. I spent a whole day trying, had Apple Support on the phone for over 2 hours. No Luck.


Here is what I tried and what I got:


- Bought Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) from App Store and installed.

After installation, Mac won't boot. Keeps cycling on startup and shows messge "Your computer restarted because of a problem".... in several languages...


- Was able to go inte recovery mode: (Option-R)

- Did repair permissions, Disk repair, the works...

  Nothnig changed

- Did PRAM reset. (Option-Command-P-R)

   Nothing changed. Can't boot even in safe mode. (Shift)


OK, so my install package may be bad. Let's download again.


- Entered Recovery mode, did a new install. It downloaded a lot from the internet again.


Nothing really changed after the fresh install.


OK, maybe there is still something corrupt in my Recovery Partition. Let's REALLY start from scratch.


- Entered Recovery mode, Disk Utility, ERASED the whole HD, all partitions.


- Tried an Internet Recovery, using Option-Command-R. No luck. Apple Support told me my MacPro does not support it. OK, no problem.


- Went to another MAC, downloaded Mountain Lion for the third time. Opened the .app folder, found the bootable image, restored it into an external media using Disk Utility.


- Went back to my MacPro, booted from the external media with the fresh bootable ML. Went thru all the installation, all OK.

When it booted, I got back at where I was first thing in the morning. Boot sequence cycling over and over, "Your computer restarted because of a problem" message..


OK, we have a problem here. Maybe my Mac broke? By now I had also reinstalled everything on a different HD thinking it could be HD fault. Same problem.


So I then installed Lion back on the other HD. (this was a story in itself, since Apple does not have Lion for download anymore, so I needed help from those folks over in Scandinavia... its not warez if own the license...)


So now I have 2 HDs, one with Lion on it and the other with mountain lion on it.


Guess what? Lion boots just fine, ML does not. So that clears out any questions regarding my hardware.


And it all boils down to: Is Mountain Lion really compatible with the Mid 2010 MacPro?


Apple Support (very high level service by the way) exausted all its reccomendations and sent me to the store, but I decided to keep running Lion and wait for an eventual patch from Apple Developers. I assume I am not alone.


For the record, my MacPro has:

2x 2.66 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon and

16 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 ECC RAM.

2 1TB HDs.

27" Led Cinema Display

All apple installed since new.


Any feedback from other MacPro ownners is appreciated.

Will post developments here.


Fabio Ribeiro

MacPro, MacMini, MacBookPro, PowerBook & Server G4, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    OK, I finally FIXED IT.


    It turns out the whole installation was fine.


    The problem was a **** NVIDIA card in the MacPro.


    I removed it, turned the Mac on and it booted normally and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion is there, perfect.


    It is a shame I wasted so much time on such a simple issue. I wish Apple would annouce the they do not support this board anymore (or maybe they do, but I didn't know) but even if not supported it should not halt startup like this.


    The board was labeled P345 Rev 1.00 PCB  P/N 08G17010880 in case someone stumbles here in the future.


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    That looks like... 7300GT but those were from 2006, why not just the "english" Nvidia name?


    Doesn't look like GTX 285 so that leavs the only other Nvidia Apple used, GT120 OEM.

    And I think yours failing is just coincidence?

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    Yes, annoying. But it is probably the 7300GT. I had it as a secondary card on my earlier MacPro, and probably kept it when I bought the newer MacPro in 2010. But I had forgotten about it, since I quit using so many monitors, it was kind of forgotten in my system. I don't think it even showed up in System Profiler on Lion... But at least it didn't prevent the kernel to load properly...Well, another lesson not to keep old HW in newer systems...

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    A 2nd card with CUDA support like GTX 570 (the GTX 285) could be useful for some setups.


    I was just surprised to see the photo, would not have believed it - seeing is believing. the 7300 lacked the proper ROM and the drivers for it were terrible. You probably are lucky (or not) that it didn't cause a prohibitory sign or panic on startup - I think it should have with a sign "No 7300's allowed here!" <g>

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    Thanks The hatter. Note taken.


    I would think a card that was originally shipped in a MacPro would be better supported by Apple. Good to know they really don't care. Not even AppleCare support knew that, they seemed surprised when I called to give them a feedback on the ticket.


    It did cause a kernel panic on startup. Although ML does not say panic, the message it now shows (multilanguage image-message "Your computer restarted because of a problem"[...]) is nothing but a badass panic...At least that is my opinion and Apple's support employee's.

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    This sounds similar to what I'm experiencing on my 2009 MP, though my issue is getting a gray screen at login, using either a GTX-285 or GT-120 (both supported video cards for ML).




    What card did you replace the 7300 with? I couldn't get my stock GT-120 to work.

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    I used the 7300 as a secondary card (for extra monitors).


    Now I have only the Radeon that ships with the MacPro.


    I can post the exact model next week when I'll be back at the office.