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I've noticed unusual behavior from the Online Banking site for PNC since Safari 6.0. The old default view once you logon and go to your account was Activity By Date. Now, and PNC admits they "may not have updated their site" the dated activity has to be acquired "By Type" which is workable until the problem is fixed. You can still get your Account Activity by date but it takes something greater than five minutes to load. Once you sign off, that view must be reloaded or you have to view the transactions By Type. I also reported this to Apple as a bug but I really believe the problem rests with PNC..  I point this out "for what it's worth" because I'm sure I'm not the only Safari user PNC has.

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    Apparently PNC Bank got busy after I talked with one of the software engineers and he verified my comments. I tried to logon this morning to see if things had changed and was surprised to see the problem was resolved. I guess there are times when it pays to question the way something works -- or in this case, didn't work.

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    Wow, Peter . . .

    That's great news!


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    Nice job!


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if all banks were that efficient!

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    PeterinKY, are you still no longer experiencing that issue?  I am having the same problem and was wondering if PNC advised what they were doing to fix it, since yours appears to be fine now.


    Mine has been doing the same thing since I did the update to Safari 6.0 the other day. 

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    Hi Twiggy - I've not had a problem basically since the first of the week. I've also had no problem with the PNC site under Mountain Lion or Lion and Safari 6.0. I don't know if this will help at all but you might clear your history which also (I believe under Safari 6) clears your cache.  As far as knowing what PNC did, I have no idea and the engineer I talked with simply said they would "have to work on it."  

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    I am also having this same error with safari 6, using mountain lion.  Any suggestions?