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Last month I got an iPhone and set up an iCloud account.  Until I setup Mountain Lion yesterday, I did not have sync working between my Macbook and iPhone.  It seems to be syncing well, except for notes.  So, I tried turning on notes to sync, but it asks me to set up an iCloud account.  When I try to sign in with the account I have, it says it is is being used (whcih I know).  Can I signin to my iCloud accout on my Macbook using the account I set up on iPhone?  Once I do this, I hope I can find the notes I lost when I put in Mountain Lion yesterday.  Thanks.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Yes. You should sign in with the same iCloud account on all devices. In fact, if you want any syncing to occur, each device must be signed in with the same account.

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    Thanks.  I must be signed in because stuff is syncing except for notes.  When I open iCoud on my mac, I click on Notes but it wants a new iCloud email.  When I put in the one I set up on my iPhone, it says it is used.  I am very confused. 


    Plus, I can't find my notes that were on mail.  They would not be on iCloud because I was using a OS version that did not have iCloud.



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    I suspect I am not explaining my issue easily.  I think I have a better grasp on it now, so I will try again.


    In June, I set up  iCloud on my iPhone, but since I had an older OS on my Mac, it was not syncing to anything.  Last week, I loaded Mountain Lion and things are mostly syncing ok (although I am getting duplicates in my contacts).  But, when I try to turn on syncing of notes, it asks for a new iCloud email and will not take my existing email.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much.