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hartlepoolmonkey Level 1 (10 points)

I sincerely hope I am posting this in the correct place.


I don't know whether this has happened since I downloaded Mountain Lion as I don't recall this little annoyance previously.


When I clear history from within my Bookmarks Menu, all the Bookmarks Icons I had showing disappear - and I am left with the round icons.


Am I not doing something right here?




The icon for Apple Support Communities is showing because I clicked on it to reach this page.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)



    The image you are refering to is web site icon.  They are downloaded when you visit a web site.


    Clearing historic should not be deleting this icons.  However, it you do perform the Safari reinitialise, you will see that there's a check box to enable/disable the option to delete of not these icons.

  • hartlepoolmonkey Level 1 (10 points)

    How do I perform the reinitialise?


    I clicked on Safari>Reset Safari> and have various boxes to tick or un-tick.


    I don't see any check box to enable/disable the website icons.


    Perhaps I am not in the correct place?


    Excuse me being a novice in this department.

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Website icons aren't "enable/disable", they are downloaded and store locally.  Cleaning Safari caches when reinitialising will simply delete these icons that will again, download automatically next time you visite the website.


    If you don't want Reset Safari to delete these icon, un-tick the "delete web icon" before doing the reset.


    Maybe you haven't reset your Safari but the installation of Safari 6 along with ML may have cleaned the cache were they were stored.  No big deal.

  • hartlepoolmonkey Level 1 (10 points)

    Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.


    This is what I am looking at when I Reset Safari:



    Or should I be looking at Preferences?


    Now I have no idea what should be checked or unchecked.


    It's dreadful being a novice! :-(

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    oh, actually, you just point out that this option have been removed from the list in Safari 6.


    anyhow, you icon will be back as you browse your site, don't worry about this at all.

  • hartlepoolmonkey Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you for that.


    It just means each time I clear history the website icons in my Bookmarks disappear each time.


    Not a major issue, I guess, but annoying to someone like me who likes everything to be right.



  • mxgenius Level 1 (0 points)

    Im having the same issue every time i clear my history from safari it removes the icons. This only started happening since downloading ML and Safari 6. This never was an issue with Safari 5. Im pretty sure its a bug i checked around and noticed others are having the same issue but havent seen a fix for it yet. But your right it is annoying.

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Like hartlepoolmonkey pointed out, Apple have removed the option to leave web site icon when you reinitialize Safari.  This is why it look more like a deliberate choice in Safari 6 to delete them when your clear your cache.

    It make sense since they are cached icons but the look of the favorite is diminish.


    Each time a changes like this are made, there are pros and cons and unsatisfied users.  I would simply say it's the Apple ways to try to simplify the user interface and it often happen by removing choices and options.

  • ericbedell Level 1 (0 points)

    I, too, have encountered this issue ... and am very dissapointed in a cleaning of your History, etc. wipes out all of the previously downloaded bookmark icons. I hope they remedy it. I find that I more often than not navigate down a bookmark menu to the 'icon' as opposed to the bookmark's 'name.' APPLE, please remedy this. Please?

  • iPaulMorrison Level 1 (0 points)

    Thus is extremely annoying! I am forced to use Safari due to Firefox eating up CPU in ML and I'm having nothing but problems .

  • hartlepoolmonkey Level 1 (10 points)

    Just to add to this issue, I have also noticed that when I click on the 'Show All Bookmarks' I have had a blank page at least twice. I have had to come out of Safari and return to get the boomarks to show. Obviously a bug here somewhere?


    This is really annoying when all was well with the previous OS and Safari 5.

  • JKD032 Level 1 (0 points)



    When I upgraded to Safari v6.0 for Lion I also came across this issue.  So I thought it must be an anomaly, so I figured I would just take the plunge and upgrade to Mountain Lion to see if it resolved the issue.  Well it did not.  (By the way ML is quite Nice.)


    In Safari 6, I will certainly miss losing the "RSS" and "Activity" features of the previous version.  But I am Really Upset At Losing the Web Icons/favicons.  All 3 features/functions desperately need to be added back into the next update.


    If you go back to the "Reset Safari..." per you screenshot and in the bottom left corner "select" the little help ?.  You will see in the "Help" description that "clearing" the history does indeed "remove web site icons."


    I think this is a Faux pas from Apple and violates or deviates from their own GUI guidelines.  Or at the very least falls upon what I call the "Do No Harm" guideline.


    Apple long ago knew that humans are visual, hence one of the reasons Apple created the Mac OS with Icons.  The OS for the Rest Of Us.  Other wise we would all still be using "command line operating systems and applications."  (Please don't get me wrong, The Terminal and Command Line are still great ways to get things done - That's Another Discussion)


    My Bookmarks are very well organized and I could instinctively/visually go right to the Bookmark/url of the website (Including the Apple Web Icon) I wanted to visit.  Now I see a bunch of generic "Blue World" Web Icons and this "Is Not" intuitive.


    Anyway there are Other Apple Discussions/Threads with different titles going on describing the same issue.


    In the "Safari6: favicons slow to load and don't 'stick' (remain in bookmarks) Discussion user "stepg" posted something we should all take advantage of:


    Re: Safari 6: favicons slow to load and don't 'stick' (remain in bookmarks)


    Jul 30, 2012 5:42 AM (in response to hockeybear)

    I'm sure that Apple would welcome everyone's (polite and constructive) feedback:



    Thanks hartlepoolmonkey for a great discussion - jkd032

  • Apapane Level 1 (0 points)

    Nice to know I'm not alone with this.


    The fastest way I've found to restore the icons is to use "Open in Tabs" at the bottom of each bookmark folder on my Toolbar.  Then I use Option-Command-W to close all the tabs.

  • Apapane Level 1 (0 points)

    I should add that, if there are a lot of bookmarks in the folder, a box may come up asking if you want to go ahead.  I say yes.  Then I monitor the progress by periodically clicking on the folder title in the Toolbar.  It goes pretty fast.  Essentially, I guess, it's saving me the trouble of having to click on each bookmark to restore the icon.

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