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    I left out one pertinent detail.  I'm not seeing any icons for the sites I visit.  Just the blue icons.  If I ever see icons again I'll be sure to try your suggestion.  I've made a point of visiting sites that I know have custom icons, but nada.


    This is Safari 6.01 on 10.7.5.  mbp 2011.





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    I suggest you use :

    Faviconize Google extension for safari


    It will call the favicons. However this does not fix the current problem of them being deleted everytime you clear history.

    That is an issue with the lack of webicons.db file and the folder it used to stored in the older versions of Safari.


    There used to be a script to be able to remove the old cached icons and replace them with new ones. That was because the icon cache was not cleanable along with the caches. So to get the new icon for the website,one would have to delete the old. I assume that getting rid of the cache for webicons altogether or joining it with the history cache gets rid of the need for that script.


    Now we need a script that saves the webicons.

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    Favicons here, installed and on, does nothing but show an icon in a google search.  It does not give me icons in my bookmarks.  Even if I use google search to look up a site I've already bookmarked that has an icon, like Apple.



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    Did you restart Safari? empty the History, caches etc. If nothing works I would download a fresh Safari and reinstall it.


    You can also use this script, it is kind of old and the folders of things have changed. But the main idea is is the same . Gets rid of old icons(even the default blue one) and gets the new one. The default icon is also cached. There are times that safari will display the wrong icon or no icon. I have to refresh and clear caches like mad. I hope this link works for you.


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    Many thanks for the tips and suggestions.  Quiting and restarting has all the icons back.  :-)

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    Apapane, I've been using the pre-release versions of OS X v10.8.3. Neither your suggestions nor any other provided by anyone else works. If these PR versions of MtnLn are any indication, bend over, put your head between your thighs, and kiss favicons, real, color sidebars, real scroll bars, and even OS X goodbye and say hello to the grey-scale of the original Macintosh, together with the horror of the iOS GUI.


    The new Apple is the new Microsoft and the old Microsoft is still the old Microsoft.


    What are old-time Mac-users going to do? Excrete or go blind, apparently.

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    SeaBeast, in the latest pre-release of v10.8.3, you can't get bookmarks-menu favicons BACK, because you don't GET them, in the first place.


    Blue dots today; blue dots tomorrow; blue dots FOREVER!

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